Saturday, September 24, 2011

Neutrinos vs. Light:NASCAR Logic May Apply

In an experiment called Oscillation Project with Emulsion-Tracking -Apparatus, a neutrino was clocked at a slightly faster speed than a light particle. The 450 mile underground track was between Geneva, Switzerland and Gran Sasso, Italy. That result, if it stands up to peer review, differs with Einstein's Reativity Theory which predicts nothing moves faster than the speed of light.

But what if the energy that speeds the light particle is installed, so to speak, into the smaller neutrino. Wouldn't that account for the faster speed? I.E. the same engine in a smaller chassis will win NASCAR speed races. A smaller sub atomic particle meets less resistance from its surroundings. By definition light can be seen. We don't see neutrinos. Size does make a difference.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple Advice:What to Believe In & What Not To Believe In

Keep it simple. Don't believe in god or believe in money. Simply believe in personal responsibility to achieve a rewarding experience.

Speaking of false beliefs, former speaker Nancy Pelosi was speaking yesterday at a press conference. She assured the listeners that the American people still want her policies. This was in spite of record low congressional approval. She's acting more and more like Marie Antoinette before she lost her head.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reasons for Homophobia: Last Seen in San Francisco

Many of the classic film noir locations were in San Francisco. "Out Of The Past" and "Maltese Falcon" are two that immediately come to mind. Other movies, not of that genre, have included the line of dialogue, "He was last seen in San Francisco". What is it about San Francisco that stirs drama, mystery and intrigue? Well it's a beautiful port city and port cities are both destinations and stopover places that draw all kinds of imaginable people.

Speaking of oddities. How about sharing a dining experience in S.F. with someone who is nude? S.F. has many homosexuals. They have been left to grow strong under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We are all equal . Right? They now have great political force both in the city and the state. The state recently mandated homosexual studies in schools. That's right, recruiting naive children has now been made legal. In the city the latest queer idea is to allow nudity in restaurants. One need only use a drop cloth on the seat. In the old days a parent would tell their children, "Wash your hands before coming to the table." Nowadays thoughtful same sex couples might tell the kids to include washing their genitals and anal areas and also include bandaging open sores from STDs if that were appropriate before digging in on that messy hamburger. Look out below!. Non- thoughtful same sex couples might not care to give instructions.

One of the reasons for homophobia is the perception that homosexuals are unclean. I.E. AIDS. Drop cloth seating with residual fecal or STD excretions will only intensify that bias. Dining in the nude is not a civil right. It's a health issue. This whole goal of everyone getting what they want under the cover(pun intended) of civil rights is absurd. And bacteria will for now be the only force of reason. Because the great majority of people are too stupid or too cowardly to protest.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Layoffs Should Include Congress

Bank of America is in the news today. It's considering cutting 40,000 jobs. That's 10% of its workforce. The Post Office last week talked about cutting 120,000 jobs. Last night Obama told Congress he had a plan for reducing the unemployed and he wanted support from all members. Even if he got support , it would seem that the misery of unemployment has reached a breeder reactor-like- dynamic of layoffs begetting more layoffs. Congress couldn't rally the will fast enough to stop the unraveling of the economy.

How about layoffs in congress along with pay and perq cuts? If ever there was a group that deserved collective punishment it's those bunch of crooks. Will start with that kind of humane actions. But reserve the right to all other barbaric means of eliminating them.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Justin Bieber in Danger: Menstrual Cycle Lurks

Like a fickle child interest -here today gone tomorrow. The youthful entertainer Justin Bieber's ability to draw interest may not stand the centrifugal force of another turning of the earth. For with each click of rotation, the motion of the planet along with the growth of human cells are starting menstrual flows in some of his youthful female followers. That will unconsciously motivate and necessitate new more serious carnal interests in the screaming lack-of-fulfillment-adolescents. They will be pulled away from Biebers gravitational pull. Thy hope to spike themselves in some other place with some other entertainer.

Will he have a comeback like Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra? Probably not. Both Elvis and Frank made initial contact with their respective female followers when the gals were well into sexual experience. So it was like going back to first date or first whatever when Frank and Elvis started anew.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Apple & Steve Jobs : The Stock Will Lose its Way, But Peace Will Come for Him

A young Steve Jobs both in years, only 55, and in his vitality has succumbed to cancer's force. Maybe it was Jobs' somewhat grotesque pursuit of achievement that invited cancer to finish him off? Possibly Jobs felt deep inside that only death would release him from his relentless quests. Then peace would come.

What about Apple? Apple's market cap is app. $350 billion. That's second only to Exxon Mobil which is the worlds largest corporation and is a real company with REAL ASSETS. I don't think that Apple will now surpass Exxon and continue to grow exponentially. Apples traditional assets like real estate and natural resources are largely contained in a Cupertino, Ca. campus that would be smaller than one Exxon Mobil super tanker. Apple stock will most likely under perform until it comes in with one missed quarter of earnings expectation. Then the stock will open down 25% and follow other broken tech stocks to relative oblivion.

Tim Cook will replace Jobs in day to day management. But like most other Apple employees Cook is a dutiful spouse following Jobs machismo genius. Also Cook's mousey homosexuality is not up to the struggles that he will now face alone.

And the next winner in that smart phone space will be Google.