Thursday, December 24, 2015

Black Activists: They Don't Like The Wheel

Black lives matter.How many times have we heard this?How many out-of-work-blacks-with-long-criminal-records who resist arrest get millions for the people left behind after they have been killed Has any one checked the DNA of so called relatives who receive the money awarded as compensation for their great loss? Just yesterday ramps to San Francisco International Airport were temporarily blocked by Black Lives Matter activists. I believe other airports have similarly been clogged by activists making their point. Is this a quasi act of terrorism?Given the circumstances in the world.What do the Highway Patrol officers expect when an incident is at a major airport?Could the demonstration for blacks be really a terrorist ruse to catch the police off guard? Why do the blacks still complain? The Civil Rights Act of 1964 has largely destroyed the education system in America. Affirmative action and lowering test standards so blacks can pass does no one any good.Political correctness has stifled conversation and hampered critical thinking.Fifty years after the passing of the Act and trillions spent on the Great Society special programs for black assistance has made things worse.Inclusion has put too much pressure on blacks. They are rebelling.I think they are not comfortable being in a society that has so many wheels. Wheels that are part of technology that keep track of their movements. Wheels on cars that clog up streets that they prefer to walk in. Wheels are too regular and predictable. Wheels put pressure on blacks to conform. It's intimidating. For blacks, the wheel is the one word description of their problem.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Big Pharma Drug Lords & Team U.S. Government : Target Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli is in the news today. He's upset about being arrested and later freed on $5 million dollar bail.What was his alleged crime? The F.B.I says he was running a Ponzi scheme. The vehicle was MSMB Capital Management. It is a hedge fund.Marty says that's a red herring charge. He maintains that his raising the price of 60 year old drug Daraprim from $13.50 per tablet to $750.00 per tablet is the real reason for his arrest.Marty through his hedge fund took over Turing Pharmaceuticals which had the Daraprim patent and jammed the price hike.Who feels sorry for Shkreli? I dont. But the anatomy of this sequence of events is helpful . Who created and empowered Shkreli? The Federal Reserve created the freak Shkreli. Because of quantitative easing and zero interest rates over the last 7-8 years, he and others have had full use of cheap money to fulfill a greedy persons fantasy.But all dreamers are awakened at some point to reality.Hello Big Pharma. Wake up Marty. Big pharma knocks on the door. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents a.k.a. pharma delivery and pick up service says you did business in a protected business.Pfeizer, Glaxo, Merck etc are our drug lords.They pay billions over the years to our congress so they can deal drugs in America.They have hooked so many nieve people on drugs that they have spawned the Mexican Drug cartels to fill the demand.So there's the government again.Federal Reserve then power of big pharma through big government. They create and then destroy freaks like Shkreli.This brings to mind U.S. 14 year old war in Afghanistan.Bin Laden was killed about a year ago.This was because of his master minding 9/11.Our government took 13 years to dispatch Osama. But Shkreli wanders into Big Pharmas space and the roof caves in within weeks.Shkreli ran a hedge fund. He should of hedged his Turing/Daraprim coup by paying congress reps or consulting with Big Pharma for their OK.Getting back to Afghanistan. It's a nexus of Big Government, the military-industrial-complex and I think I can include Big Pharma. Afghanistan produces 90% of heroin in the world. Heroin is de facto a cheap knock off of OxyContin and other painkillers that Big Pharma peddles on TV and all media in 185 languages.Do you think that opium eradication is a American values goal or more specifically a Big Pharma's goal?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Confederate Monuments Removal:New Orleans Changes History

New Orleans, Louisiana City Council voted today to remove four monuments of Confederate era leaders.One of those is a towering master work of Robert E Lee that has stood for over one hundred years.Another is Jefferson Davis who was president of the Confederate states.The usual reasons were included in the debate.Two reasons given were lynching of blacks and of course slavery. I don't think Lee or Davis ever used a rope to hang a black or white man.But that's not the popular narrative which has been sold by carpetbaggers both black and white since the end of the Civil War.Its been their stock in trade for political and monetary gain.Taking down statues is revising history. That's a form of theft.I have noticed that many African Americans are behind bars for theft. So they feel at home in some elses home. Given enough time it would seem that getting rid of the wheel could be down the road for power mad blacks who prefer to walk in the middle of the street.The reason why blacks are here is because their relatives in West Africa sold them. They knew they were getting more in the price than what they were trading away.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Censor Hate Speech?, Censor Sign Language? Ban News?

News today brings legislation proposals in European Union to ban "hate speech".Google, Facebook, Twitter and others would be compelled to shut down "hate sites".Ridding the world of hate has been tried before. Problem is one mans hate is another mans passionate lifes work of love of freedom.So lets takes this a bit further. Voila! No hate speech has been done.Right now its gone.But will there still be news coverage?So if we see in streaming real time news coverage people getting blown up by laser bombs from planes not readily visible. Or we see in real time a beheading or a suicide squad blowing up a building in Europe. Would those signs be in themselves be "hate signs" How to you ban sign language?Who will interpret whether the sign language is hateful?Would the ultimate censorship be no reporting of the news?Would that stop hate?I would suggest NO WAR WITHOUT A NATIONAL REFERENDUM as one way to stop the spread of hate.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

PBS NewsHour: More Causes Than News

How much must we grieve over black racial issues?That question was asked and answered some time ago by the producers at the PBS NewsHour? They said more. So in place of news came black anecdotal stories from around our country.The story pieces was meant to elicit empathy. I remember the night I stopped watching the NewsHour. A segment featured a black, lisping homosexual man on a Texas University campus. He was some what depressed. He bemoaned his place in life. He was black and homosexual and most of the campus was not.That's it. End of segment. No more. So what was I supposed to do? Reach out? Send him a valentine? Is this news? Do the contributors to the NewsHour have this trite piece in mind when they give?Is there a bubble in liberal news media coverage about black issues?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Princeton , Woodrow Wilson, Racism & Revising History

Two-hundred and sixty-nine year old Princeton University announced a settlement today with ad hoc -less than a year old-Black Justice League to discuss removing President Woodrow Wilson's -1913-1921- name from the campus.This includes the Woodrow Wilson School of Public And International Affairs.A thirty-two hour sit-in ended at the President of Princeton Office President Christopher Eisgruber.He will hear the petition and try to find a way forward.The Black Justice League thinks Woodrow Wilson was a racist because he supported segregation. Segregation was legal at the time of Wilson's presidency. It was illegal after the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Who says Princeton cant give a well rounded education? The Black league students learned what they needed to know.Woodrow Wilson existed. Taking his name off public buildings is a definite revision of history.Suppose historians redacted Hitler from history books?The lessen of Hitler's policies would require an encore in real time to learn evil.The Black Group wants "affinity groups" established on campus.One would think that Princeton University was already the established affinity group that is most important-it teaches.Members of the Black Justice League should stop thinking their negro race was born pure. Their own distant relatives in West Africa sold family members to white slavers.Look at the Chicago ghetto today. The African jungle influence is is alive and thriving with the daily murders of Africans who are left alone.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

ISIS & Heavy Metal In Paris: Motive And Opportunity

Heavy metal in Paris.Eagles Of Death Metal were playing in Paris at the Bataclan Hall to a sold out audience.Enter ISIS. In less than an hour over 300 were dead or wounded.Motive? Heavy metal music by itself could of been the reason. But ISIS claims the attack was revenge for French bombing in Syria.Turnabout is fair play.Opportunity? France is most liberal country in European Union.Consequently their borders and policies are open to all.Rethink both those policies.France didn't call in an airstrike on Bataclan like they might of done in Aleppo or Homs, Syria.Too much expensive real estate and collateral death possibilities in downtown Paris.So what will be the French response? More bombing in Syria? What's left to bomb? It's almost an asteroid now.Last count estimated six to eight ISIS operatives carried off this coup. Probably the whole enterprise cost couple of thousand dollars and the lives of 6-8 throw away people.France's immediate losses ramp into the millions on top of years of peace keeping/bombing runs in Middle East.You do the math.It wont work as a business nor a winning war strategy.ISIS in Middle East has short inexpensive logistics. They are fighting in their homelands.Extermination by the West?We can't kill that fast nor that expansively.We in U.S. experienced 9/11? Did we learn?No.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Carly Fiorina: White Anglo Saxon Protestant

Welcome Carly Fiorina. After a long while a White Anglo Saxon Protestant is running for president. WASP's were among the earlier settlers of the United States. They came from another place. Like all of us came from another place or another species. This includes the indigenous indians that came from Mongolia over a land bridge during the last Ice Age.Fiorina's maiden name is Sneed. She is Episcopalian .She in no way resembles Obama. Maybe Sneeds ancestors adopted blacks from Africa. Obama would say enslaved blacks.I guess the different definition depends on political ambition .Fiorina's look suggests Grant Wood's American Gothic portrait.That portrait doesn't conjure Hillary Clinton in any way.Could the cultural pendulum finally begin to swing back to more sane people and policies? After Caitlyn Jenner and buck-toothed Miley Cyrus there isnt much left on the downside.What I see of Fiorina I like.She could go all the way and become president.I'll bet she will make progress in getting black males to walk on sidewalks.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Drone Assassination :Personal Revenge

Drones are different. Something completely new. Humans fault/fall out lie with their ability to be in more than one place at a time. They take up more space than they need/deserve. Money and technology enable this chaos of constant change and consumption and exploitation. But drones deliver a kind of deus ex machina wheres individuals can kill, spy or destroy without a trace. Heretofore guns needed to be fired by some one in firing range.Which necessarily is an entirely different risk to the shooter.But with a remote controlled drone the firing range is increased exponentially . Who was behind the drones act of murder etc?Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Google Ventures and some venture capitalists want access to the space above our heads. Package deliveries being one object.That's one use. What about the thousands of unintended possibilities.Suppose Hillary Clinton was giving a speech in an out door venue.How could the Secret Service protect her from a gun equipped drone?Bin Laden could have used a dozen or so drones for each Boeing 787 to make a point.Federal Aviation Administration is trying to codify rules for drone use in an urban environment. Ain't going to work.Free access to drones in air space above our heads amounts to trespassing which can never be made legal without significant blow back of self defense.GPS equipped Drones will deliver efficiency in assassination.Venture capitalists all have addresses. Politicians all have addresses. Wildlife poachers all have addresses.We are on equal democratic footing now.We all have an air force if we want it.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Resisting Arrest And Black Lives

Resisting arrest is not an option without consequence.Blacks dying while being arrested have been in the news.According to Wikipedia, "The courts in the United States regard resisting arrest as a separate charge or crime in addition to other alleged crimes committed by arrested person.It is possible/legal to be charged, tried and convicted in this charge alone without any underlying cause for the original decision to arrest one even if the original arrest was clearly illegal".The courts are saying that police work entitles lawful stopping and or arrest. That is the front line of the law and its enforcement.All of the blacks in the recent news were resisting and or fleeing arrest in various ways. Some were violently resisting. Some were fleeing because there may have been outstanding warrants for their arrest. Police should kill those folks whether they be black or white if the resisting suspect threatens the health or life of the police officer. Relaxing resisting arrest statues will only make things worse.Justice begins with the arrested suspect.If the suspect refuses then he/she challenges the entire legal system. Attorneys and judges would become redundant if there were no suspects in custody.And then it would be up to individuals to protect themselves. And no body really wants that except criminals.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Revising History Is Like Faking Lab Results

The problem with revising history is valuable knowledge gleaned from real life experience is lost.Consequently a repeat of mistakes is sure to follow.It's akin to having a doctor take samples and then reporting back not accurate results so the doctor looks to be correctly treating the ailment.Recent examples of revising reasons for the U.S. Civil War only insures another civil war.It has started. It's cold now but could turn hot.The Civil War was about states rights. It was tied to tariffs and taxation. Freeing the kitchen help wasn't the reason.Consequently what we are going to do about restive minorities is still not addressed.My own prescription is to deny them benefits unless they obey common sense laws.No walking in the middle of strets with heavy traffic. And do not run away or resist arrest from the police.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Melting Our Way To Equality

Happy 4th of July!In 1776 our nation broke from the divine right of king's rule by claiming "All are Created Equal".Therefore King George we are revolting.Well here we are many years later. Many have assumed a literal translation of all are created equal. With applications to every part of human encounter. Recently the laws of marriage were changed to allow anyone to marry anyone.That will lead to a civil war.But for now our "melting pot" will continue to blur actual differences by way of presumptuous laws.Melting pot? Does anything look or behave well when its melted?

Marriage For Anyone: What's Next ?

The Supreme Court has ruled that marriage can be for both sexes.That includes bisexuals who mathematically add an exponential.So that effectively makes bisexual married couples polygamists. Anyone counting? A loop hole opens for gays and their next gambit.Gays could argue that bisexuals are really only one sex at a time so they can have multiple married partners and not run afoul of polygamy laws.Mentioning courts brings up how the Supreme Court got onto this court because marriage isn't mentioned in the Constitution.Any one think of that? So what's next for the gay movement?Necessarily Dave Geffen and Elton John and others need a new project to promote. because that's what narcissistic brats need.How about designer children?New species could be developed by stem cell researchers.Maybe new species of humans who are hairless? Geffen waxes as often as he shaves. It's a Semitic thing that he's fed up with. How about a new species who is designed to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender ?What if these deviates get their population percentage to 10% from app. 3% ?Who would trust the GLBT community to act normally? By the SCOTUS ruling it has been demonstrated that a significant number of people are confused about the meaning of sex and what are its uses and what it wasn't intended to be used for.This goes deeper than political disagreements.This issue has not been resolved by the court.The court has only made it worse. This issue has more validity for a civil war than freeing the house help in the South.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Stem Cell Humans And Democracy

I hope I'm wrong.What happens if stem cell research comes up with a different type of human?You know, even more freaky than the trannies that civil rights attorneys are trying to pass off as normal/acceptable. I can't describe them because their visage is still in a petri dish some where. But safe to say they will expand the envelope of freakishness in the direction of unacceptable to reasonable/normal people. For example, the new stemmy will live longer, thus making worse runaway population growth.Maybe be bisexual so sex is always handy.Stemmy would necessarily be liberal with other peoples money through taxation. Sounds like a democratic party dream member.Brain power and or critical thinking would be surrendered to a central government.A virtual reality head set would be the medium communication.It wouldn't need a house. The head set would provide a vision of reality.But property taxes would still be collected!I could go on.So what should we do if it comes to this?Since they are not humans. Then killing them would not be murder.It would be more akin to pest control.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Confederate Flag versus NAACP

What symbol or organization does more to stir up trouble between blacks and whites?Today the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People called for the bringing down of the Confederate Flag.It waves over the capitol of South Carolina.It's one of the responses to the massacre of nine people in Charleston.According to the NAACP the flag creates and perpetuates racism.How many attorneys or politicians salute the flag? On the other hand how many attorneys or politicians bow to the NAACP?The flag is passive. The NAACP is active agitation.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Amnesty International: Misleading And Biased Report

Amnesty International released a report today. In part, it stated, "All fifty states and the District of Columbia fail to meet international standards for the use of lethal force."I believe AI has been biased in their report and has mislead the public.Amnesty bases its findings on the single fact that the arrested/shot individuals were wearing normal clothes. And therefore the arrested/shot were assumed to be innocent/guiltless.I would point out that the "victims"were wearing normal clothes as a disguise.Beneath the fabrics they are savages who have not been taught right or wrong by their savage single parents.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Jeb Bush For President?

Jeb Bush announced today he's running for president.Any one tell his brother Neil?Neil's the brother that makes George W. Bush sound like Shakespeare.Geroge H.W. Bush and wife Barbara have six children.Next month on July 17, 1918 will be ninty-seven years after Czar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra and their five children were executed. They were killed by Bolshevks at Yekaterinburg. Yakov Yurovsky on orders from the Ural Soviet did the deed.I don't like what happened to the Romanovs. But I can see where the revolutionaries where coming from.The Bush Family reminds me of the Romanovs and how things change.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Slaves Choice

As a slave would you rather answer a door of a mansion wearing fine clothes and schooled in proper behavior? Or would you rather answer a door in a ghetto and maybe its a policeman or your drug dealer looking for cash to pay the bill?

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Retail Sales Slow Because Of Sharing Community

Everyone is hoping for growth. The real hopers are the retail outlets who have much debt. But with the phenomenon of "sharing community" who will buy and who will just share or buy second hand?How many families of taxi drivers will spend less because of Uber etc?Why buy a car when you can hail Lyft or Sidecar etc? Want clothes and aren't fussy? Check out Ebay or Craigslist.Commerce will still exist. But how much will be barter? Why buy a home? Share a roof with other renters.Why pay for government its too expensive?Barter and avoid paper trail to taxation.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Annie Liebovitz & Bruce Jenner's Body Parts

Bruce Jenner is working through his confusion of his own sexuality.But not in a quiet way.He's rumored to have agreed to a photo shoot for Vanity Fairs cover.Famed photographer Annie Liebovitz will do the honors. She's known mostly for stripping her subjects as much as possible and then snapping the shutter.John Lennon ( Lennon was killed on the day of the photo shoot)and Yoko Ono, Cyrus Miley (15 years old and caused severe criticism)and Marilyn Monroe are some of the people who posed in a draft.She asked Queen Elizabeth II to remove her crown for a state portrait but the Queen stormed out of the room. I guess Annie figured if she would remove the crown Elizabeth might be persuaded to wear a decolletage gown. Annie comes from East European Jewish parents.Father was from Romania. And mother from Estonia.When asked about her religion/ethnicity, she replied," I'm non observant but feel very Jewish." So fittingly Annie has a profession that bloodlessly sells body parts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spratly Islands : Chinas New Toilet Bowl

Pristine Spratly archipelago has found a new use.Filthy Chinese are making raised seat toilet bowls of some the of 750 atols. Mainland China is a supersized smelly Chinatown. Most urban dwellers around the globe are familiar with the aroma and litter. Mainland China ran out of space long ago. Vivid raw sewage fresh from upset stomach Chinese citizens is ubiquitous.So they have to find a continually flushing body of water to infect.So China sails to the Spratlys. We need a flu or an asteroid for the Chinese.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Prediction Of New Man Made Law

I believe that with the active ingredients of fiat money and ubiquitous technology that everything improper MUST happen before we finally fall apart.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ireland, Gay Marriage & Altered Mosquitoes.

Ireland says yes to same sex marriage.It reminds me of altering/sterilizing mosquitoes so the breeding process stops. True misanthropes should quietly applause.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Dr. Frankenstein & Stem Cell Science & Geneticists & Civil Rights Protection

Here's a question that maybe not many have asked? Given that stem cell research around the world may come up with wonder drugs that can delay aging, enhance face lifts,lessen the chance of contracting a deadly disease or a disease that can horribly alter a persons ability to live a normal life.Does that treatment or drug etc enjoy an immediate right of equal prescription benefit? Does the Civil Rights Act cover people who elect to try this stem cell alchemy? What if there are side effects that make the person odd? Odd in the sense of looks, way of thinking, habits etc?Can casual observers legally comment or deny a relationship with odd individuals because of Civil Rights Protection? More odd than already entitled transgender freaks. Can odd or Frankenstein- stem-cell- fiddled people marry and have their alchemical-stem-cell-fiddled-offspring-be entitled to new race protected status and a new culture beyond same sex marriage?You might say odd people already marry and may be both hetero or homosexual baseline. That's true but I was asking about drug related homos or hetero stem cell altered individuals.Because labs can produce infinitely more variety of odd balls/monsters.Did LBJ and Congress ask this question before producing the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Monday, May 11, 2015

What's The Problem With All Governments?

The common problem with all governments is that people are involved.One caveat for all governments must include no bombing or feeding of strangers.Oh yeah, no antibiotics for strangers either.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

T. Rowe Price Group & Virtu: Gathering Evidence?

Why is T.Rowe Price Group which has $750 billion under its management giving stock orders to Virtu ? Virtu is the controversial high speed trading firm that the SEC and other legacy mutual funds have been scrutinizing for possible illegal trading practices.The trading practices in question are a new form of market manipulation that is in essence the illegal front running of customer orders.CEO Douglas Cifu recently announced the hook up with T.Rowe. He also added, "We'll see where it [pilot program] takes us.". Maybe he smells a rat? Maybe T. Rowe Price is gathering evidence?Give orders to Virtu and compare executions to non controversial brokers that also service T. Rowe? I would like to see Virtu run out of town. They are not value added except to themselves.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Who Will Protect America From Zionists?

When the United States has killed or neutralized all of Israel's enemies who will protect America from the Zionists? Actually Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are de facto allies of U.S.because Israel is greater threat to us.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A Prayer For World Health Day: Please Send An Asteroid

Praying for an asteroid to hit China and bounce into India could be good for the health of the world.Between them that would marginalize over 2 billion people.It would be like making the 7/10 in bowling or a hole-in-one but Jesus could do it.He didn't mention birth control while on the planet but this could be a catch up move.Considering the plummeting flora and fauna and the past extinctions maybe the only hope is the long shot!

Monday, April 06, 2015

Ellen Pao: Why Is She Upset?

Poor Ellen Pao to hear her tell the story. Kleiner Perkins may have saved her from a life of plucking chickens or worse of being a sex slave. Significant mainland Chinese women end up that way.But she was lucky. Her Chinese immigrant parents dropped her in America and presto she's a citizen and she's also a female activist with attitude.Her attitude is whatever I have got is necessarily not enough.Maybe Kleiner should fess up with the truth. They should tell her one signifcicant reason why she was hired in the first place was to fulfill unofficial quota requirements . She covered that with her Chinese -female bona fides. Don't like it here Ellen? Go home.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Obama And His Woman And Their Motown Look

No matter the explaining caption under the millions of photos of Barack and Michelle they still come of as Motown indigenous.He's skinny because of nervous stomach or drugs and bad diet. She has straightened hair and form fitting dress like back up for Ronettes or Supremes. They could have been some one like Ike and Tina Turner. But when Barry speaks he dribbles out worn out phrases about social drivel. Michelle just grunts sullen one-liners.But Ike and Tina belted out "Proud Mary" with the Ikettes. Black faced politicians or entertainers don't reflect their features well. So its what they say and how they move that intrigues.So Its Ike and Tina that stick with you. Barry and grouchy will fade.Hopefully as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New U.S. Policy In Middle East: No Two State Solution

Speaker Boehner and Republicans and some democrats have helped Netanyahu retain Prime Minister spot in Israel Autistic Bibi played the ultimate card of nixing a two-state solution as long as he's in power. By extention that changes long standing U.S. policy goal. Boehner and reps and dems are children. Zionists have been lying about their history for 3000 years.They were clearly out of their league. Time to round up Zionists and their supporters for deportation . Fed Ex them any where. But get the scum out of our country.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sharia Law For Ferguson,MO And Other Sub-Civilized Enclaves.

Give them what they want. If the blacks in Ferguson want to walk in the middle of the streets and resist arrest and sometimes get shot. So be it. These events are not new.Hell. in the sixties they burned down entire districts.Lets face it Many of the black community don't get it or want to get it.They have have succeeded in bringing down the culture and standards in America. We have generations of kids dumbed down by the provisions of the Civil Rights Act 1964. And why. So we could make the blacks more comfortable. Fuck it.I've seen enough.let him walk in the streets. pull the cops out. Let Sharia Law be introduced.No Lawyers or voting issues in Sharia Law.Give the monkeys what they want.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Public Relations Battle :Brutal Drone Warfare vs ISIS Brutality

Do you think the zombies in the pentagon are worried about ISIS tactic of kidnapping and butchering innocents? ISIS claims its tactic is payback time for drone and aerial bombardment killings. Air strikes of any kind include killing combatants and collateral innocents.Not mentioning collateral environmental damage affected by drone explosive bombs.Public relations reactions are at this time strongly against ISIS graphic beheadings ,setting people on fire and simple kidnapping for slave use.Drone and air strike crime scenes aren't photographed.So pentagon goons can escape most critical inspection.But increasingly ISIS is making the connection. Stop drone and aerial bombardment and we will stop our old fashion gruesome killing tactics.Does any one believe them? I mean will they stop?I don't think they will necessarily stop but they don't have to. They are winning the PR campaign against western meddling and worse in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and who knows where's next.The pentagon has never come up with a peace proposal in its entire existence.They have no credibility. Therefore they should have a lot less money and goons employed.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Question For 2016 Presidential Candidates

Candidates for the U.S. 2016 Presidential race agree on the need for job, housing and stable environment in Middle East.Then and only then will ISIS be stopped and peace returned. QUESTION: "Will the candidates pledge to stop bombing the region when the Mid East is peaceful and stable?"

Hollywood:Occupied Territories

Hooray for Hollywood.It's oscars season again.Come see the Jews and their white monkeys on a leash.Watch the monkeys perform heretofore unthinkable and immoral acts.The occupied Hollywood enclave is protected by only 50,000 or so lawyers.They have only words on papers to to stop a round up.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

White House And Ghosts Of Beheaded French Nobility

History reappears.Beheading in the Middle East and arrogant, king-like presidency in White House.Put the two closer together and maybe a beheaded president in effigy.What would one expect when trillions are spent making a population equal?French nobility spent the equivalent of trillions fluffing their nests.Who would have guessed that the street people who guillotined their leaders would spend so much money trying to fluff their own nests. Democracy unleashed by constraints of earned money - fiat money will do well enough- creates an african-american pickaninny president who resembles the doomed French peerage.Obama dispenses entitlements and enlarges wars that he vowed to stop.Who will pay for the trillions in debt. One beheaded president wont cover the bill. Maybe a start?Still comes up short. But it still won't be pretty when the bills come do.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

American Sniper & American Goon: Chris Kyle

So American Sniper is a blockbuster movie.The rate of its success could make it the highest grossing film of all time.It's the story of U.S. soldier Chris Kyle. He is the deadliest sniper in United States military history. Some 250 plus kills credited Kyle.Who did he kill? He didn't know their names.But they lived in Iraq. He killed them when they were in Iraq. So the illegal immoral U.S. invasion of Iraq produced Chris Kyle. He did his part eliminating local Iraqis who were protecting their families and homeland from United States invaders.What's to celebrate?Reading reviews about American Sniper give the distinct impression that Kyle was mostly an uneducated goon who couldn't tell the difference from killing deer and squirrels and killing homeowners in another land.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Kissinger And McCain: Publish Prescription Drug Use

They rolled out former Secretary of State and real time Zionist and really old Henry Kissinger. He gave testimony to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain-hot head. McCain threw softballs and Kissinger swung easy about more robust bombing and intervention in failed efforts in Mideast.Kissinger spoke like he had a plate in his head or his speech was effected by multiple past strokes.I wonder how many drugs these two take every day? How many old bottles of drugs are still around that the two don't take any more. Envision a closet filled. The door is opened and maybe two hundred plastic bottles cascade out on to the floor.Do we want drug abuser Mc Cain asking drug abuser Kissinger about where the U.S. should go in future? How about we publish current drug use and past medical history of any committee chairman and the primary guest giving testimony. We have a right to know what is behind the questions and answers. Beside the usual political reasons.

Greece Democracy:Pay Or Die

The news is filled with bureaucrats singing a dirge for Greece.A requiem is bound to happen if it leaves the Euro zone. They imply if you can't or wont pay your bills you will wither. Will cartologists remove the outline of Greece from maps?If some one cant be taxed so bureaucrats can survive does that equal a death sentence?I don't think so.Before Greece is erased from the map many bureaucrats will be slaughtered trying to protect their phoney-baloney jobs.No body was born to be taxed.That includes countries.Democracy in its essence is a tax and spend scheme. It rests on the false premise that all are equal. So if necessary one class will be bankrupted so to enable another class to survive doing relatively less.There you have the raison d'etre for war.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Islamist Terrorist Roots

How many bombs has the U.S. dropped in the Middle East and Afghanistan? Certainly hundreds of thousands.Never mind to try an estimate of small arms , tank shelling, mortars and the like. That surely runs into the millions.So why are there still Islamist terrorists?Because most of those expended ordinance missed its human targets and ended up just degrading urban infrastructure.So we took away places to live and work. Without housing there are no roots. so homeless refugees hit the road in search of a place in the sun.More bombs less housing more freebooters looking for roots.And so it goes. At some point there will be no buildings.That will leave only migrating herds of homeless people with weapons who have nothing to lose. They will fight the U.S.who has a lot to lose. It will end badly for us.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Minority Political Groups Celebrate Narcissism: Attention Gays & Other Minorities

Now we are witness to the Supreme Court grappling with gay rights -once again.Do homosexuals have the constitutional right to marry in the United States? So this would over ride individual state laws. Depending on the outcome. I don't see any thing remotely mentioned or obliquely indicated in the constitution about gay marriage. Let's get to the point. Homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics and other color coded minorities issues are not about government.Their issues fall into the category of narcissistic exhibitionism.They are stunted personalities who have gamed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That act should be repealed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Charlie Hebdo And Muslims: Free Speech Enjoyed By Both

Editors got their cover on the magazine "Charlie Hebdo" at the expense of Muslims. But they have the right of free speech. The free speech license doesn't censor bad taste.The Muslim fanatic used sign language as their free speech surrogate in their revenge atrocity. Looks like free speech was enjoyed by all.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pentagon Versus Throw Away People

What do we do next?That's the question the brass at the Pentagon ask themselves before they contact congress for funding.Well, they say, after World War II we have nothing but losers.That's as per the score board. But as to action and excitement , that's a different story.We have spent trillions.Lost thousands of our own. But killed or displaced millions of throw away people around the globe.So what's next? It has to be throw away people as our targets. They are the only ones still out there.We have drones, planes, ships, missiles, chemical weapons etc. But they all have shelf lives that are expiring. Got to move them out.The throw away people only have cell phones. That's all they have. It's low cost equipment and available any where.So we can keep this going for a long time. OK. Tonight we drink tomorrow we bomb.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Paris, Al Qaeda, Yemen And World War I

The horror in Paris from a Yemen-directed terrorist act sends shock waves and shivers. Rag headed sand dwellers paralyze a nuclear powered France.Not with sophisticated strategic weapons but with a couple of rifles and limitless reckless abandon for the terrorists own safety. Fight a person who has nothing to lose. This is the pay back. Losses by France ? Immeasurable. Losses by Al-Qaeda directed Yemen operatives? Two throw away people.You think World War I was senseless? This is worse. The European soldiers in WW I wanted to go home. Yet there were 24 million in casualties.Now try to fight an enemy who has only a next world home.How many must you kill of that breed before peace. You may lose count. If you are still alive to count.What should we do. Get out of the middle east and stop immigration from that middle east.Its simple. There's no money it. But it will be better.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

McDonalds Menu And Animal Rights

McDonalds is having problems. It looks like America has matured. But McDonalds still offers food that more suits immature tendencies. I.E. caloric imbalances at the same time quality of ingredients falling short. Many in U.S. have migrated to more healthy foods. To that purpose meat has been replaced with veggies. Chipotle is one successful example.This new wave of eating habits has also embraced animal rights. From interest in how animals are raised to out right vegan habits. McDonalds would do itself well by bringing to its Board of Directors a representative of this new culinary culture. And then follow up with a dramatic menu over haul to that end.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Drone Sales And Shotguns: Trespassing Not Protected by Law

Peeping tom drones. Delivery drones.Killer drones.What's an earthbound person to do?Can the government auction air space flying lanes to drone users? Can drone flight paths be auctioned off and regulated like wireless carriers do with bandwidth commerce?No. earthbound citizens can't see wireless commerce in the atmosphere. But noisy, ugly and intrusive drones are another story.Shot guns are the last resort.But quiet and untraceable pellet guns are a good way to go. Trespassing is not protected by law.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Check With Gravity For The Correct Answer

Simplify your life. Think more clearly in 2015. Win more arguments.How? Kick political considerations. Don't pay attention to politicians opinions. And study what Isaac Newton had to say about gravity.Gravity is that unseen hand that controls everything on the planet. No matter the time zone. No matter the race or religion.We are all tethered to gravity. Pay respect to gravity and gravity will be a useful ally. For example,smaller buildings, smaller cars, smaller families, more space ,less government weight at the top, etc.Gravity has logic and doesn't lie. Say that about politicians.Happy New Year!