Sunday, March 30, 2014

ObamaCare : New Kind Of Tax Policy And Social Engineering

Conservatives were outraged when the Affordable Care Act was passed by a partisan vote in Congress. They challenged it by taking the law to the Supreme Court on the basis that Congress couldn't require people to buy insurance. Conservatives screamed that congress doesn't have have the power to force that requirement.How silly? Congress has the power to tax. Ergo Congress has the power to destroy. ObamaCare was just another way of destroying. The Affordable care Act was in fact the largest tax increase in history but the revenues were dedicated to "healthcare". Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts was correct when he said that ACA was a tax and well within the power of Congress.Congress has been passing surtaxes after the first day they met in the nations capital or state house throughout this country. ObamaCare is just the largest. And this giant act of destruction was done in broad daylight.We were told by the liberals that the uninsured were the real reason why the bill was proposed and passed.There is some truth in that marquee mantra.But I also suspect people like rich and politically well connected people like David Geffen and other Hollywood homosexuals wanted a no precondition ineligibility for the upcoming explosion of HIV/AIDS infected that is resulting from the normalizing of homosexuality in our society.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crimea And Ukraine : Why Blame Mother Russia?

I may be missing something. Who hasn't. But didn't the voting citizens of Crimea ask Mother Russia if they could come home? What's a mother to do? Say "No ". Why is the West upset? Could it be the military-industrial complex witnessing their waning of Middle East opportunities default to a new strt up cold war opportunities? Could it be Putin's opposition to homosexual organizing of the young and tender that couples homosexual lobbyists with strange bedfellows of the military hardware lobbyists that push congress and the European Union for more and more sanctions? And don't forget the Zionists. They thrive on chaos because it takes the spotlight off of their crimes.The real instigator of the Crimean separation are the Crimeans themselves.Should we sanction Crimea? That won't happen. There's no money or headlines in that gambit.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eliminate Debt, Eliminate Politicians, Eliminate Unnecessary Wars, Eliminate Welfare And Political Correctness: Embrace Virtual Money Or Barter

Finally a way out of the mistakes of the past.How does one know mistakes have been made? Add up the personal , local ,state and federal debt. If the actions of the past were correct then there would be no debt to be burdened with. Both virtual money or barter would mitigate or eliminate legacy debt that we didn't sign up for. But our politicians assigned us.We can break this cycle by starting fresh. Let people with money pay off debt. People like Warren Buffett who is loathe at the mere mention of Bitcoin. Why? Because all the companies he has invested in have trillions of debt on the books. But the debt is denominated and payable in Central Bank currency. If the economy switches to barter or virtual money those debts become not payable. Same goes for debt from our government. People like Bush and Cheney ran up bills to finance illegal wars. Let them and others of the military-industrial complex pay off the government debt.Declare independence from legacy debt. Barter or use virtual currency in whatever form it morphs to.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Malaysia 370 And Bitcoins: Is There A Connection? Hijacking And Ransom Demand In Bitcoins

Malaysia Air Flight 370 has been missing for nine days. No trace. The more forensic facts come out the more they point to a well planned event. Particularly the fact about position-relaying electronic gear aboard the plane being turned off by hand. Could this be a kidnapping? How will the hijackers be paid? Bitcoins? Is there a connection between the Mt Gox bankruptcy because of a hacker or hackers looting the firm of nearly 500 million in stored Bitcoins and the planes disappearance and possible ransom demand of Bitcoins in payment? The kidnappers would benefit two ways. First their stash of one half billion in Bitcoins would appreciate because of this credible act of monetizing Bitcoins on a grand scale and also getting paid in an untraceable method.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Academy Awards: Oscars Go To Minorities Who Could Fit In Closet

Last nights Academy Awards winners shared a narrow choice in subject matter. " 12 Years A Slave" served up yet another trite black victim story. That picture won Best Picture and Best Actress In A Supporting Role. "Dallas Buyers Club" tossed in your face the down and dirty about HIV/AIDS drugs and homosexual issues which featured a transgender victim who carved out Best "Actor" In Supporting Role. "Blue Jasmine" won in Best Actress. But here the story could be a wink and pass to alleged child molester Woody Allen who wrote and directed the picture. Sexual deviants won two of the three top awards with blacks coming in a strong second. Looks like closet-size special interests. Closets can add drama.How will Hollywood get its money back at the box office with such a narrow focus of stories? Maybe the teachers unions will make viewing these films mandatory.