Monday, March 03, 2014

Academy Awards: Oscars Go To Minorities Who Could Fit In Closet

Last nights Academy Awards winners shared a narrow choice in subject matter. " 12 Years A Slave" served up yet another trite black victim story. That picture won Best Picture and Best Actress In A Supporting Role. "Dallas Buyers Club" tossed in your face the down and dirty about HIV/AIDS drugs and homosexual issues which featured a transgender victim who carved out Best "Actor" In Supporting Role. "Blue Jasmine" won in Best Actress. But here the story could be a wink and pass to alleged child molester Woody Allen who wrote and directed the picture. Sexual deviants won two of the three top awards with blacks coming in a strong second. Looks like closet-size special interests. Closets can add drama.How will Hollywood get its money back at the box office with such a narrow focus of stories? Maybe the teachers unions will make viewing these films mandatory.

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