Thursday, December 23, 2010

Harrison Ford & Indiana Jones Question

There's a semi formal poll being taken by the New York Post about whether Harrison Ford should die in the next Indiana Jones episode. The tally so far is about even betwen pro death or pro life. How about a compromise? Ford could do an Indiana Jones docu-drama extended interview and fans could witness both a live and dead Ford. The live Ford would be out take clips of the Indiana Jones character . And the dead Harrison Ford would just answer questions without a script.

Friday, December 17, 2010

C.I.A.: Finally There's a Cost to Misdeeds

Could it get any more silly implementing American foreign policy? Today the U.S. recalled its C.I.A. station chief from "ally"Pakistan. A local prosecutor in Pakistan named him -name witheld in our media but is on front page in Pakistan! Wait it gets more stupid. Also named is C.I.A. boss Leon Panetta and Sectretary of Defense Robert Gates as defendants in a lawsuit. The prosecutor wants to recover damages and mete out possible criminal penalties for killing innocents in Pakistan. The method was the drone aircraft. Pakistan gets billions from us so we can do canned hunts in their lands. All good things must come to and end. Now the hunters are being hunted by terrorists who want to kill the C.I.A. station chief after his name was published . His cover is blown , that's why he's  being recalled.

The C.I.A. spends about $ 80 billion a year fomenting trouble around the world. They are kind of like an advance group for our military-industrial complex. You know. They drum up or bomb up business. The C.I.A. create more problems than they prevent. So it's somewht gratifying that these cowards are getting some real heat. Maybe Leon Panetta should resign and open a pizza shop with Gates as a delivery boy?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time to Deport Some Zionists

Congressional Representative Howard Berman of the 28th District in California is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In the past few days he has been circulating a bill for signatures which would condemn the Palestinian Authority for declaring a Palestinian state.  Enough already. Most everyone knows that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has a lot to do with present world problems. And a two-stae solution would go a long way in simmering down tensions. So why would he want to preclude a closure to that conflict and also get the U.S. off of the hot seat for supporting Israel? The answer is Berman thinks more of Israel's future than America's. By the way , Berman also supports the ultra-liberal Dream Act which is amnesty for illegal immigrants here in America. So by these two actions he's pissing on American culture and security. Berman gets payed app $180,000 per year on top of what he can appropriate for himself and all the rest of the Congressional perqs. There are plenty of good and loyal Jews. I know. Because I've worked and played with them. But Berman and his Zionist "uber allis"friends should be deported from our country. They and organizations like AIPAC engage in de facto espionage and should be declared persona non grata and humanely and legally deported. Christian Zionists should be included in the deportations. Religous zealots of all persuasions are TROUBLE.

If we don't legally deport them, I fear a replay of the pograms and round ups that followed their movements through history. I don't want to round them up nor do I want to hide the likes of Howard Berman.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Obama Talks To Gates & Buffett

Today President Obama summoned Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to the Oval Office. Barry wants their input on how the government could be more effective and get the economy going again. Do you think that Bill or Warren would say," It's this way Barry. There are far too many affirmative action employees in government. And that includes you Mr. President. Your mere presence calls into question how serious Americans are in dealing with problems. Let's face it Bar, you ain't got it. And another thing,  stop appointing Jews to every open slot that comes up. It gives the impression that you buy into their 'chosen people'  bullshit or that you are on the take".

Probably wont happen. But wouldn't it be a fun and a breath of fresh air?

Monday, December 06, 2010

Afghanistan: Canned Hunt Country

Today President Karzai of Afghanistan, after much bribery and pressure from America and private security contractors, has weakened restrictions on the blood thirsty industry. He went from a formal expulsion of all but a very few diplomatic guards to a business as usual policy. Effectively Karzai has turned his country into a "canned hunt" expedition destination for the military-industrial complex. So much for his concern about security contractors killing his people.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

U.S. Government vs. WikiLeaks

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates described WikiLeaks as  a "cyber terrorist". 

When merely posting or saying the truth becomes a "tool of terrorism" according to a government official who has effective military control of America- beware . They have plans for a more aggressive attack against our freedoms including real , unwarranted cyber terrorism.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Oh My God : Israel's "forest fire"

Israel has a  3000 acre "forest fire" and the whole world hears about it. The illegal state of Israel is about as big as the state of New Jersey. Unless Zionist acres are larger than normal people acreage, it's small by any standard. They had a problem controlling it because most of their equipment is dedicated to killing Palestinians and starting their houses on fire-which they never attempt to put out. Also the U.S. Department of Defense doesn't give away fire trucks-only free war equipment.

About forty Israelis were killed when a bus was overwhelmed by the smoke and over turned. Weren't they trespassing on actual Palestinian land? There's a lesson in that event.Leave it to the Zionists to cry loudly over insignificant setbacks. But at the same time they practice their slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians. 

P.S. Israelis say it's the largest "forest fire in Israels history". That's not saying much. Israel is only  a 60 year old twentieth century phenomenon.

WikiLeaks ; Example of Necessary News Source

So many of the worlds perma assholes, including our government, can't tolerate facts from WikLeaks. That speaks to WikiLeaks example of true and necessary news source.