Sunday, November 30, 2008

Confessions Of Citigroup's Robert Rubin

This past Saturdays edition of The Wall Street Journal had an interview with Citigroup's Senior Advisor and Board member Robert Rubin. I obtained an unredacted copy of the interview from a staff member.

WSJ: Good morning Mr.Rubin.

Rubin: My coffee and bagel are cold. Can you freshen them up?

WSJ: Certainly. Can I call you Bob?

Rubin: For now.

WSJ: Since 1999, when you were brought on board at Citigroup by former CEO Sandy Weill, you have pocketed over $200 million in salaries and stock options. During that same time Citigroup's stock has lost over 90% of its value and now teeters on bankruptcy.

Rubin: So?

WSJ: Don't you feel any guilt? Weren't you overpaid when all things are considered?

Rubin: Hey, nobody saw this problem coming.

WSJ: Exactly. That's my point. You got over $200 million in compensation but still classify yourself with all the other "nobodys"that didn't see the financial meltdown coming. So where's the value-added from you ?

Rubin: Are you anti-semitic?

WSJ: No.

Rubin: What are you up to?

WSJ: Isn't it true that Sandy Weill enlisted your help to drive out of office his co-Chair and 16 year veteran John Reed in 2000?

Rubin: Reed had thin skin. He had a thing about morals and cleanliness. He was a pushover.

WSJ: How did you help Weill get rid of this responsible man?

Rubin: Well off the record. When morals get in the way of money-making, morals go bye-bye. Anyway back to your question, during the week I would have a butt outside and wait for Reed's limo to pull up. Then I would call Sandy on the cell for the tricks da jour.

WSJ: And?

Rubin: Sometimes Weill would rush to Reeds privy and make a mess and not clean up. Or many times he would replace Reeds wife picture with Sandy's own wifes picture. She looks like Sandy in drag. She makes Greenspan's wife Andrea "Shrink Wrap" Mitchell look like Greta by comparison.

WSJ: Anything else?

Rubin: Yea. Hey where's my coffee and bagel?

WSJ: Hey Bob, go fuck yourself.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Too Big To Fail ": Not True

When a politician says ," It's too big to fail", what he means is ," My part in the scheme of central planning has turned up another losing result that if allowed to fail will cost me and my fellow politicians our jobs. ". Like the communists, socialists and aristocracies of ancient history the U.S. has become a costly central planning nightmare.

" It's too big to fail" also means we are too lazy or too dumb to change. " Too big too fail" also means that money is the ultimate goal. And so today the Federal Reserve announced an additional $800 billion bailout and government guarentees . This is targeted to backing credit cards, student loans and toxic mortgage purchases. And how will the government pay for all this? The printing press will be smoking.

It's not that easy. The outcome will be a falling dollar and at some point hyperinflation will come around. The foreign buyers of our debt are already looking elsewhere.

Joe Biden's Replacement: Another Zionist In Senate

Vice President Joe Biden is being replaced in the Senate by Manahattan-born Jew, Edward Kaufman. Maybe it's not politically correct to bring up Kaufman's race but since this years election has been largely about race and gender then Kaufman's Jewishness is fair game. Delaware's Governor Ruth Ann Minner choose Kaufman at Biden's request.

Kaufman's presence raises the Jewish/Zionist population of the Senate to 15. That's 10 times the percentage number ( Jews are 1.5% of population) of Jews found in the wilds of America . Why are there some many Jews in the Senate ? Here's a quote from the 1906 "Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion", it goes "... the net which Israel is throwing over the globe of the earth is widening and spreading daily and the momentous prophecies of our holy books are at last to be realized.". Well this creeping infestation of Zionist influence certainly follows the "Protocols" plan. But maybe it's coincidence? Coincidence or not the U.S. gives life support to an Israeli policy of collective punishment and apartheid to 5 million Palestinians.

The Zionists think they are clever and succesful. But if this is so then why are there only 13 million Jews left in the world. Time for the "chosen people" to convert to a better religion or swear off excessive power and money as a life style.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Political Movie Fantasy Based On The "Alien"

In the final scenes of the 1979 scifi thriller "Alien", Ripley harpoons the alien and its attached tether neatly swings the beast into the furnace of the jet thrusters. The alien dies.

As our fantasy story opens, the players are on Air Force One. President Obama is increasingly drousy after drinking a specially prepared drink from his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He just got word that Vice president Joe Biden has been found dead in Fort Marcy Park. It was an apparent suicide. Also on the plane is Speaker Nancy Pelosi. As per the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 Nancy Pelosi would become president if anything happened to Obama. And if anything happened to Pelosi ,Hillary would become president. The camera does a close up of the glass. What was in that drink?

Pelosi suspects and is visably troubled by the sequence of improbable events happening when she's alone with Hillary Clinton at 35,000 feet. Pelosi asks Hillary, "What was in that drink?". Hillary turns slowly. Her face has a look that's menacing and threatening with a touch of gleefulness. Hillary speaks, " Now it's my turn". Pelosi panics reaches for a hidden gun and gut shoots Hillary. The anti-Christ pops out. It's the love-child of Hillary and a Cuban waiter. Hillary was somewhat surprised at the fetus. She looks mournfully at the dead child and then falls to the floor dead.

Pelosi slumps in a chair. She stares at the ceiling . She's exhausted. Suddenly she hears what sounds like a zipper. Someone is walking towards her in mincing steps. It's Bill Clinton. His trousers are around his ankles and they hobble his walk. Bill speaks, " Thanks for getting rid of my bitch. Will you make me Vice President or will you do something else for me?"

Nancy is speechless. The camera fades....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Citizen Buffett

Orson Welles' character Citizen Kane gives it up with his last word ," Rosebud". It was a reference to his boyhood sled and happier times. The "Rosebud" decal on the sled pointed to the promise of spring in the midst of winters gloom.

Warren Buffett's recent autobiography is titled "Snowball". It refers to the compounding of wealth through the dynamic of buying sound companies and never selling. This is Buffett's version of reflection on happier times now that he's nearer the end of his career. Eh!

Buffett has pledged his fortune to charities. Buffett will use his wealth to help many people who sadly shouldn't have been born. These people now suffer deprivation. They will be helped by a man who spent his whole life accumulating more than he needed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prediction: Obama Will Be A Weak, Naive President

Obama's vetting team of Hillary Clinton has been assured by Bill Clinton regarding a potential conflict of interest in his worldwide money raising schemes . Bill said , " I will do anything you want [to avoid a conflict of interest]to help Hillary become Secretary of State". And so you have Bill's word on it.

The perjured, rapist and impeached former president Bill Clinton has given his word. And Obama is set to accept it. I predict Obama will be a weak and naive president . He will be well-meaning, but he will be like Jimmy Carter . Federal government reform and "change" will be put off again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wild Horses Getting Second Chance

In the late 1700s the population of America was about 4,000,000. That was less than 1/2 the population of todays New York City alone. How things have changed. Now there are app. 300,000,000 of our complaing and overrated species living in the U.S. . Wild horses was one of the animals that we displaced in our infestation. Today there are app. 33,000 wild horses and burros in the wild. In addition there is an equal number in holding pens under the supervision of the Federal Bureau Of Land Management. Well the BLM is worried about the "costs" of keeping the penned herd. And so they are planning to kill app. 7,000 of the herd to get the bill down. Go to hell BLM. Sooner you die than the horses and burros if I had my way.

But Mrs. Madeleine Pickens, wife of oil speculator T.Boone Pickens is riding to the rescue. She is proposing to take all 33,000 horses and burros off the hands of the BLM and put them on a 1,000,000 acre range she now negotiating to buy. And the BLM has accepted her proposal. Now that is good news for a change.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Barack Obama: Looks Like Personal Nigger To Zionists & Clintons

When is "change"not change? Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

Well so far Obama's appontments to key postions, and they are by definition "key" because he's doing them immediately , looks like the Zionists and the Clinton wing of the democratic party are still running things. One is tempted to leap to the conclusion that Barack Obama is essentially the ultimate caricature of a "personal nigger" to these political power centers no matter the fact he is president elect.

To recap, Obama's Zionist and/or Clintonite choices for his inner circle includes 4 and most likely 5 with Hillary to be nominated to be Secretary Of State. Those 5 choices are of a possible total of 9 choices of postions that were filled. They include Rahm Emanuel- Zionist/Clintonite; Dennis Ross- Zionist/Clintonite; Mona Sutphen-Clintonite; Gregory Craig-Clintonite and of course Hillary Clinton who is also a rabid Zionist.

The marathon democratic nomination battle between Obama and Clinton was against the backdrop of the outsider against the classic insiders as exampled by Hillary. While in and out office the Clintons not only survived an impeachment but became rich in spite of it and a Monica Lewinsky "stained blue dress", Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers and the other bimbos and the alledged raping of Juanita Broderick, Whitewater Scandals, mysterious suicide of Clinton Chief Of Staff Vince Foster and "accidental" death of Secretary Of Commerce Ron Brown , imprisonment of Clinton appointee Webster Hubbell, lucrative commodity "trading" and all the rest . The Clintons also managed to become the respected elders of the Democratic Party. These feats obviously left an impression on Obama. And so Barack wants an insurance policy for his Washington job.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prop 8 :Homosexual Activists And Hate Crimes

Why do they call homosexuals gay? They can be as hateful as anyone else. For instance this passed Sunday in the San Francisco Bay Area, homosexual protesters verbally harassed Mormon church goers. The homosexuals were venting their hate on the Mormons who were among other diverse groups who voted for the successful passage of Propostion 8. That California state propostion limits marriage to only a man and a woman.

According to recent newspaper reports, homosexuals activists across the country are planning protests and civil disobedience because of the passage of Prop. 8. They liken their political cause to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. I don't think so. Codified segregation of the blacks was illegal. Whereas same sex marriage prohibition follows cultural norms recorded in documented history. Otherwise, " What's next?"

Hate crime legislation wasn't around in the 1960s. Hate crime fines and punishment exponentials didn't show up till the 1980s. So these civil disobedience and verbal harrassments and all that will follow can lead to hate crime super punishments for the rowdy and hateful homosexuals.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halliburton & Citigroup: Poor Results For Their Greedy CEOs

Halliburton and Citigroup are stocks that symbolize the criminal greed of the past 8 years. Halliburton represents war for profits. Dick Cheney was its CEO before he was sworn in as Veep in 2001. Using his position of power and the life-long relationship he had with Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Halliburton was awarded no-bid contracts in Afghanistan and in Iraq. I think the war in Iraq was largely for Halliburtons benefit along with other war for profit companies.

How did the stock do in these past 8 years ? Well Halliburton was trading at $19.00 when Cheney was sworn in and now the stock trades at $16.00. So after 4200 American lives, app. 1,500,000 Iraqi lives, 2,500,000 displaced Iraqis and app. $750,000,000,000 and counting in war expenditures and 2 or 3 adjustments to asshole Cheney's heart regulator the stock is down app. 16%. How stupid can some monkeys be?

And then there's Citigroup. Under the direction of former CEO Sanford Weill who took the reins in 1998 when the stock was trading at $25.00 Weill used his connections and money to repeal the Depression- era Glass-Steagall Act which mandated a seperation of stock brokers and insurance companies with banks. The Wall Street meltdown is directly traced to the repeal of this Depression-era firewall banking act. Citigroup's stock was trding at $25.00 when Weill slid in to power. Now Citigroup trdes at $ 8.50. That's almost 60% less in value.

A quiet retirement for these 2 assholes is not what they deserve.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bye Bye General Motors And Ford ?

Today General Motors and Ford were both downgraded by Wall Street analysts to sell. Now they tell us ! The future looks like either bankruptcy or a government- assisted bailout which in either case would leave the existing shares worthless.

The Volkswagen Bug showed up on our shores in the 1950's and the Japanese invasion of cheap, economical- to- run cars joined VW. But GM, Ford and Chrysler didn't take the hint. They continued to build expensive gas guzzlers with high profit margins . They bribed Congress to keep miles-per-gallon requirements at a low threshold and even got the lawmakers to give tax incentives to buyers of trucks and SUVs.

My take on this tactic by Detroit was that the obligations to pay the inflated demands of the United Auto Workers necessitated the high-priced autos. Now this is not the way to meet the public's changing trends toward affordability in transportation choices. Detroit went down the wrong way on a one-way street.

Here's An Excellent Redistribution Of Wealth

The spending monkeys in Washington are looking for additional ways to stimulate the economy. With the constraints of astronomical deficits and the potential for a further collapse of the dollar, here's simple suggestion that already fits into the budget.

Whereas the federal government's budget share of the gross domestic product of $15 trillion is app. 20% at the $3 trillion figure,

Whereas conservative estimates of government employees pay and government spending is app. a multiple of 3 times what it could be done for in the real world economy,

Whereas a targeted economic stimulus is needed more in the hands of people who earn less than government employees,

Therefore all federal government expenditures should be reduced in favor of less costly private solutions including state and local governments who by definition will be relatively more accountable for cost efficient results.

Washington is the problem. The solution will necessarily exclude Washington.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama's Inner Circle : Two Too Many Zionists

" You are known by the company you keep".

President- elect Barack Obama's former pastor Jerimiah Wright didn't like the Zionist Jews or Israel. Yet Obama was a member of Wright's congregation for many, many years. Now Obama has chosen a prominent Zionist Jew, Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel to be his Chief of Staff. Emanuel also holds an Israeli citizenship. The pivotol postion handed to Emanuel stems from AIPAC and other Zionist influence. Emanuel is the gatekeeper for presidential appointment scheduling and is privy to policy discussions. It doesn't take much imagination to figure how a conniving Zionist can use that postion to further Israel's ability to shape Washington directives in the Middle East. And just in case Emanuel misses something, Obama has brought another Zionist on board. Dennis Ross will be Obama's senior advisor on the Mideast. Woe is us.

Hey Barack ," Who are you?". First you listened to Pastor Wright's anti-Israeli fiery talks and now you are hanging out with line-bred Zionist Jews. Could you be a very smooth con man? Say it ain't so.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama Has A Loaded Gun

What's the difference between a loaded gun and a one- political- party control of government? Well the loaded gun can kill you. Whereas the single party control ruins you to the point of one wanting to kill themself or kill someone else. And so Obama has a political loaded gun in his hand.

Some of the bullets include wealth redistribution to the point of socialism . Or how about extreme trade protectionism to the point of trade breakdowns on a worldwide basis? What about an expansion of the Depatrment Of Education to finally preclude all new generations from a meaningful classical education? And certainly there are other nasty possibilities when the spending monkeys in congress have over $3 trillion in the budget to spend.

But maybe Obama will be prudent and govern from the center. America needs someone like that. The past 2 presidents included the educated moron Bill Clinton and the plain vanilla moron George W. Bush. We have to do better than that.