Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tiger Woods: Another Victim Of Racism

Consider the racist treatment of Tiger Woods. How many fire hydrants are hit every day by white people? Do the white people get national attention? Why does the press talk about Tiger's SUV? Is it to remind people that O.J. drove away from the scene of the crime in a SUV also? That's a cheap shot. Talking about shots, where's Tiger's golf glove? Does it fit? O.J.'s glove fit. If the glove fits then wear it I always say. Is Tiger being unfairly treated because of the way he abuses white golf balls? People have noticed the color of the balls. Why no black balls? Could Tiger hit and find a black ball as far as a white ball? Tiger knows when you have a job to do one can't find a black. There's something about color. We can't deny that fact. Yet if we talk about facts then we turn off people. The Florida Highway Patrol wants to talk about facts but that could be racist. What about Tiger's white wife ? How come she can bash in a SUV window and not get questioned? That's a double-standard. 


O.J. breaks silence and reaches out to brother. O.J. says, " Come home Tiger. Stop playing Uncle Tom on the links. Help me break out of this Nevada cracker box. I know this S&M place with multicultural chicks...."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Barack Obama Had Two Daddies

"Like father, like son".

Barack Obama, our president, was born in 1961. That was roughly the start of the Civil Rights movement. But it was sometime after the start of loose living, drugs and racial and gender sexual experimentation. Obama's hereditary daddy was some black dude from Kenya. Obama's mommy was some eager white gal from Kansas. Daddy went on to other eager gals and mommy just went on . So who raised Obama? Well if he's like most other people or organisms he would be influenced and somewhat raised by his surroundings. These influences include his state, his schools and the morals, customs and politics of the times.

President Lyndon Johnson was in office between 1963 to 1969. Johnson fathered the Great Society which include massive expansions of the federal influence in private lives. These oversized and expensive influences took the form of Medicare, Civil Rights legislation and an expansion of the Viet Nam War. Sound familiar? Were the policies and legacies of Lyndon Johnson a quasi artificial insemination of all the Obama type children that followed? Is Barack Obama part natural and part governmental fathered? Is Barack Obama a cultural product of daddy # 2 Lyndon Johnson?

So what's that mean? Well if B.O. is any example then this new race of Great Society culturally inseminated are weak but addicted to money and control.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is Normal An Obsolete Word?

Things change so quickly that the word " normal" loses its meaning except when used to describe those same quick, never ending changes. Money contributes to the cause of our new "normal". There has never been more in circulation yet there is more poverty and more uncertainity. Money is too expensive. The strings attached to its use by the issuing governments are counterproductive and tend to enslave. Some of the strings include interest and taxes . Our government has never spent more yet it has never been held in lower regard.Barter is more efficient and puts the individual back in control.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cartoon Culture: Oprah Winfrey & Sarah Palin

What's the score in the American culture war? Well the liberal caricature Oprah Winfrey lost in overtime and over exposure last week. She announced the cancellation of her show in late 2011. It's because her ratings have been cut in half this past 15 years. That hurt her more than someone taking her potato chips and Coke.  Winfrey had a lot to do with the liberal caricature, poster boy,  Obama getting elected.

Significantly Oprah's guest last week was  Sarah Palin. Palin announced a new book and an implied a run for the presidency. Palin is the potser girl and cartoon person for the conservatives. She is going up and Winfrey is going down. If Palin goes all the way up we all better look out below. An air-head discription of her would be generous and less threatening than the truth.

Can't we ever get somebody in between ? Where's the poster person for moderate politics? Only morons think with one half of their brain.  Cartoons and caricature are for the funny papers. They don't belong in office.

P.S. My book is at the editor.