Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cartoon Culture: Oprah Winfrey & Sarah Palin

What's the score in the American culture war? Well the liberal caricature Oprah Winfrey lost in overtime and over exposure last week. She announced the cancellation of her show in late 2011. It's because her ratings have been cut in half this past 15 years. That hurt her more than someone taking her potato chips and Coke.  Winfrey had a lot to do with the liberal caricature, poster boy,  Obama getting elected.

Significantly Oprah's guest last week was  Sarah Palin. Palin announced a new book and an implied a run for the presidency. Palin is the potser girl and cartoon person for the conservatives. She is going up and Winfrey is going down. If Palin goes all the way up we all better look out below. An air-head discription of her would be generous and less threatening than the truth.

Can't we ever get somebody in between ? Where's the poster person for moderate politics? Only morons think with one half of their brain.  Cartoons and caricature are for the funny papers. They don't belong in office.

P.S. My book is at the editor.

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