Friday, April 29, 2005

Minutemen Save Us ! Mexico by Land ,Africa by Sea.

Gov. Schwarzenegger broke with President Bush in supporting private individuals securing borders in Arizona and California in the future. Grey Deacon, head of the Minutemen in Arizona plans a California roll out on October 1, 2005.

Recent figures in California support unconventional responses to this invasion from Mexico. In Southern California a $ 1.2 billion deficit is sinking the Los Angeles County Health Department. Last year LA County spent $ 340 million to treat uninsured patients while the state was hit by $ 1.4 billion in unreimbursed health costs. Texas spent $850 million for similar costs and Arizona suffered a $400 million shortfall. Officials estimate that 80% of these bills are traced to illegal immigrants gaming the system while sending home to Mexico an amount equal to or exceeding the bills they run up.

Shameless Latino politicians like Art Torres, state Democratic Party chairman and Assemblymen Hector De La Torre from Southgate (LA County) were outraged by Arnold's(a legal immigrant) endorsement of the Minutemen. Who do these Latino pols represent? How did they get their citizenship? Were they born in the California bushes(instant US citizenship) or were they granted amnesty? They owe alligience to the culture that they live in and were sworn to defend rather the culture in Mexico they were fleeing.

Another recent example of failed immigration policies showed up in San Francisco on April 27, 2005. An award for $87,000(plaintiff wanted $1 million) was allowed to go forward by U S Magistrate Judge Elizabeth D. Laporte. A Kenyan immigrant, Ms. Munya sued the U S government for "negligence" in not giving her asylum and deporting her back to Kenya. This award is thought to be a first of it's kind.. The lawyer who represented Munya is Philip Hwang. He is a lawyer with the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights in San Francisco. He says he has other cases ready to go based on this prescedent-one is a woman from Zimbabwe.

It would seem plain folk in America and border states in particular are surrounded. Illegals coming at them from the front and moronic INS regulations coming from behind. And the ubiquitous parasitic lawyers feasting on unproductive issues. This Kenyan was probably content to eat termite larvae weeks before but now has a judgement that she would not have earned in her entire life in Kenya.

Readers of this blog should contact the people mentioned in this article who have compromised American citizenship and have gamed the system. If you don't let them know your displeasure it will only get worse.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Cocaine And Heroin: America Should Legalize Their Use

Secretary of State Rice was recently in Colombia. That country produces 90% of the cocaine and 50% of the heroin that is consumed in the US. Condi was reviewing Plan Colombia. This is a joint Colombian/American effort to eradicate poppy crops that are the source of the drugs. The results showed eradication of over 1.2 million acres. Yet the production has managed to rise during the 2001-2004 period. Production rose,product quality improved and prices were stable.

America has sunk about $ 5 billion into this full employment act for US outsource contractors and their Colombian counterparts. Drug use in the US has not withered like the crops. I think that the federally administered education programs in America have destroyed more young minds than drugs.

Drugs should be legalized and controlled as per alcoholic consumption. Prison space should be saved for truly dangerous people-perhaps some of our politicians. Typical of government programs the unsucessful results of Plan Colombia was sufficient justification for applying a similar plan in Afghanistan which has recently shown a increase loss of American lives.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Nitze to PNAC: In Growth We Trust

In 1950 Paul Nitze, then head of policy planning for the State Department drafted a National Security Council document-NSC 68. The document stated" ..without an expansion of military spending the U S would face a decline in economic activity of serious proportion." President Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex in his farewell address in 1961.

In 1997 The Project for the New American Century was launched by a lot of the dyspeptic personnel that are in power today-Cheney,Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz et al. The PNAC mission statement continues the same ideology." We need to increase defense spending perserve and extend an international order which is friendly to our security, our prosperity and our principles."

The fifty- plus intervening years has produced a hypertrophy military-industrial complex-20% of U S GDP is related to military-industrial and it's extensive supporting families and enterprises.

What happens to hypertrophies? By definition they are doomed by their own success. Zero sum planets and by extension zero sum Federal budgets eventually suffocate the hypertrophy because of an increasingly diminished support base. Simply the U S cannot afford the military and it's wars of choice. The growth that it provided for the economy becomes a drag because of dislocation of critical human needs and the unsustainable debt service that accompanies it. Some recent examples include the Joint Strike Fighter, DD(X) destroyer, Future Combat Systems are all over budget. Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are examples of unconventional wars. We spend trillions on a war plan that our adversaries have no intention of engaging. In the end the foot soldier is the margin of victory. Our soldiers are not motivated like someone who is defending their homeland.

America should rely on a well armed militia and forget dreams of empire. We should be a country that is an example of sustainable (harmonious ) policies.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Cheney and His Failed Foreign Policy

Congress approved $ 18.4 billion in 2003 for Iraqi reconstruction in the aftermath of America's invasion. Since that time about $ 4.8 billion has been spent. Security instead of reconstruction received most of those funds. Water, sewage and infrastructure projects have been delayed or canceled in favor of training Iraqi security forces. Simply the only jobs that are available are to become a hired gun for the U S forces against Iraqi insurgents. With 70% or more unemployed one can understand why security jobs get applicants. Iraqis killing Iraqis. Wasn't that America's only justification for the war after the WMD, Al Qaeda myths were exposed?

Over two years after the invasion, the U S is $ 300 billion poorer, almost 1,600 Americans are dead and Iraq has become a chaotic mess.

Meanwhile the basis of the unrest in the middle east -Israel-continues to build illegal settlements.

Dick Cheney is the architect of U S foreign policy-Bush is a moron. Call, write or e-mail this dyspeptic degenerate. Let him know what a mess he has made of things.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Filibuster & Executive Order- End Both Tactics

A filibuster is a way for a minority to overcome a majority by an artificial tactic. It raises the passing vote to a higher 60 votes from a simple majority of 51. In some cases effectively stopping a motion. Simple majorities while it carries it's own form of tyranny are at least more accurate in reflecting the will of the governed. The senate should rescind the filibuster provision for all matters not just the judicial function so much in the news.

While they are at it, they should revoke the "executive order" priveledge of the president. Laws by fiat should not be in the hands of politicians. The executive should not be a legislature of one.

Affirmative Action was imposed upon America by the failed president Lyndon Johnson. People are still bearing the injustice of reverse discrimination. Filibusters are a kind of Affirmative Action. Obstructionist minorities of one are more loathesome than the obstructionist minorities in the senate.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Rice Putin

Sound like an Alabama dessert? No its a description of our own poodle Secretary of State C. Rice's recent meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania on April 20, 2005 with the president of Russia V. Putin. Ms. Rice was lecturing ( yet again) Mr. Putin about the need for more democracy in Russia and also the need for more oil being exported from Russia.

Secretary Rice was also interviewed by an independent radio show host who is frequently critical of Russian policies. The host asked asked Ms. Rice if America was exporting democracy the way the old Soviet Union exported socialism. Condi relied, " You do not actually have to export democracy". Which begs the question of the Bush doctrine of spreading democracy by force as god's work.

Our Secretary also was pressing Mr. Putin to allow U S firms into Russia to develop and increase oil production.

Why don't we make the same proposal to Iran? America should offer to develop and increase production in Iran. With an economic link to Iran, the government of Iran would be easier to deal with concerning the nuclear questions and we would have access to additional supplies. Gee, does that make too much sense? Politicians would be out of work if common sense were applied to questions of state. But no. Iran is offering long term supplies to India and China.

Zionists in The Pentagon

April 20, 2005- AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee ) dismissed two of it's employees that were caught up in a Federal investigation of possible Israeli spying in th U S . AIPAC fired it's policy director, Steven Rosen, and it's senior Iran analyst Keith Weissman. Officials said the two former employees knew Lawrence A. Franklin, a Defense Department Analyst ( Iran specialist ) who is suspected of giving them classified information that was subsequently supplied to Israel. Mr Franklin was cooperating with authorities since September, 2004 but has suddenly stopped . Oddly he was brought back to work at the Pentagon on nonclassified jobs. I wonder if he promised not to access classified information?

I have never heard of AIPAC being politically forced to let operatives go. Hopefully the feds won't let this investigation be suffocated by the higher-ups in the White House and Congress.

AIPAC is the most powerful lobby in America. It represents a foreign country but has 65,000 members and 50 PACS across America.

Israel and America don't have to share a common destiny.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Conservative Theme: Pope, Utah Education & Pentagon Official

April 20, 2005- A busy news day of diverse subjects with a common conservative theme.

Benedict XVI, the new Pope brings with him a rejection of "religious pluralism" and calls for a new Catholic evangelism. He also warns against birth control and further rejects the use of condoms even to prevent AIDS. The fine points of his arguments against condom use will be lost on the non-philosophical African demographic. Another resurgent religious group muscles it's way onto the crowded attitude-heavy stage. All religions should project the Golden Rule. This new Pope is not a sign of progress.

The State of Utah voted to ignore Federal guidelines in the No Child Left Behind program. The legislature instructed it's school boards to follow state goals when a choice is conflicted with federal goals. There are quite a few other states poised to follow Utah's move. This is progress.

Gordon R. England has been chosen to replace Deputy Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz. After his praised Senate confirmation hearing, Mr. England said he would visit Iraq and Afghanistan periodically. He said," You have to know your factory floor. And Iraq and Afghanistan are our factory floors."From a Zionist zealot we improve to a callous businessman. This is callous progress.

Conservative "values" are in the eyes of the beholder-they are subjective. But only sustainable values whether conservative or liberal will last.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Afghanistan's New President is Worried

The mission creep of nation building and eradication of the poppy crops(heroin souce) in Afghanistan is becoming a problem for newly "democratically elected" President Hamid Karzai. On April 13, 2005 Karzai said "The conclusion we have drawn is that the Afghan people want a long term relationship with the United States. They want this relationship to be a wholesome one, including a substantial economic relationship, a political relationship and most important of all, a strategic security relationship that would enable Afghanistan to defend itself, to continue to prosper, to stop the possibility of interferences".

Anything else?

Sounds like Karzai is desperate. I know of no natural enemy that is threatening Afghanistan. The "possibility of interferences" probably refers to the Afghan people who are becoming increasingly unhappy with the disconnect of Karzai ,democracy and the reality of making a living which includes cultivating poppies. The U S has embarked on an eradication program with a toxic fallout effecting other crops,animals and people.

THe U S has to some degree responded positively to Karzai's request for military aid by bumping up to 20,000 from 18,000 the U S troop presence.

Karzai shoul read history. Puppet leaders who are installed and/or supported by foreign powers whether it be the U S , Russia,England et al always have a clock ticking a countdown when those puppets have to leave town.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

No Child Left Behind: Questions and Answers

A funny thing is happening to the No Child Left Behind program - reality is challenging its goals.

According to a recently released report by the National Evaluation Association. They develop tests for 43 states and 1,500 school districts. The results showed some upward creep (1-2 points) since the N.C.L.B. program started. But below those numbers a widening gap between minority and their white counterparts was evident. The explanation as per the Association is that better performing and/or interested students are getting more out of the classes than the less motivated or educationally challenged(white or any other race).

I don't think this is a bad thing if we can finally learn from those results. If the N.C.L.B program is about "universal proficiency" as per a Washington bureaucracy then two possibilities can be regarded as reaching that goal:

1) All students will advance at the same rate even if it means no one will reach their optimum potential. Ergo no child is left behind because nobody really advances.


2) All students will advance-some more than others- without regard to the uneven (undemcratic?) results. We are not all equal. Some will do better in school than others. It does not mean that the less scholastic children are or will be failures.

These results beg the question. Is the N. C. L. B program necessary? Isn't the problem with schools go back to the bureaucratic intrusion of the Federal Government in the 1960's? The mandate of equality in education broght in unproductive schemes like bussing, compromising the S A T and lowering academic standards to mention a few. I think the solution that these results point to is local control over school curriculum and paid by local monies. Utah and other states are leading in this direction.

The old days produced leaders like Jefferson and Franklin-true scholars that were also well-rounded. They were not like our modern leaders- kennel-raised politicians like Clinton and Bush.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sharon & Bush : Some People Never Learn

The prime minister of Israel Ariel Sharon visited President Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas on April 11, 2005. The photo-op that was seen round the world only reinforced the fact that Israel has America on a short leash. The staged meeting was to support Israel's withdrawal from Gaza. Suffocating security required for Sharon's safety had him spending the night in Waco,Tx. He spent only an 1 1/2 hours with W. It seems that more than a few thousand Israelis are suspected of wanting to assasinate him. That would be the same fate that Prime Minister Rabin received some years ago when he signed a peace deal(Oslo Accords) with the Palestinians. Right wing Israelis are as rabid as Al Qaeda militants when it comes to property rights- no matter how they got it.

The Israeli's parlayed the meeting for additional aid for new settlements in the Negev and Galilee regions and for moving expenses in Gaza. The reality of the Gaza evacuation was the relentless resistence of the occupied Palestinians. Simply Israel could no longer defend the position.

Ominously W reiterated his support for Israel not to be bound by 1949 borders because it would be" impractical". Also W barely quibbled over the inflammatory expansion of Maale Adumin by the Israelis. This expansion will only further isolate and partition what is left of Palestine. What did America get in return for these considerations? Nothing-such a deal.

The new Palestinian prime minister Mahmoud Abbas, who is already hemorrhaging in the polls will certainly lose more ground to the militants like Hamas because of Abbas's ineffective approach. More trouble lies ahead.

America has spent over $300 billion in fighting the war on terror and persuing another redrawing of the map of the middle east. The creation of Israel out of Palestine, a legal land swindle and the continued settlement activity of the Israelis has only continued to inflame the region.

Sharon is demanding disarmament of the militants as the price for normalized Palestinian relations. Why would anyone disarm in the occupied territories. That would only invite more Israeli expansion.

America should cut its ties with Israel. Let Israel survive or not based on it's own demographic strengths and not the leveraged U S influence.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Job Security and the China Threat

The China export juggernaut has now engulfed other nations besides America. Foreign investment from around the the world into Chinese manufacturing infrastructure is paying off for multinationals . About two years ago- for the first time ever- global investment funds for manufacturing were larger in China than America. Those plants are now humming with Chinese workers reading the Chinese symboled instructions of operation. The Industrial Revolution which created the middle class in England in the 19th century has now moved to China with a resulting decline in the middle class in America and elsewhere.

On April 8, 2005 China Customs( official agency) posted the results of a worldwide trade surplus of $10.9 billion through the first two months of 2005 versus a $7.9 billion deficit in 2004(same period). China always ran a huge surplus with the U S which was enough to offset deficits with other nations. But now it is running surpluses with mostly everyone.

What is being done? Protectionist legislation is working it's way through Congress including a 27.5% tariff on Chinese goods if China does not revalue its currency (yuan) from a perceived 40% undervaluation. A revaluation would be a superficial fix. One should never confuse the sympton for the cause of a problem. The non-competitive governments in the West are the basic problem.

America for example can't compete because of a legal system that rewards delay and overvalues equal rights without equal obligations-our welfare system. Our cost of government including Medicare and Medicaid raise the poverty level to $18,000 per year for a family of four.. A manufacturing worker in China earns about $1,500 per year. This is why America is not attracting investments for manufacturing.

What should be done? Low-cost adaptive behavior will translate into jobs being retained in America.

Here are some thoughts.

1) The cost of our national government is too expensive and cumbersome. State and local government are more cheap to run and are more responsive to changes. All politics are local. Shut down the federal government in the areas that can be done by state and local governments..

2) Our legal system needs a "loser pays" provision( like the rest of the world). We would be more competitive. The legal system should also reward expedited solutions and penalize delayed costly ones.

3) The low-cost producer will always survive. Darwin's observation is valid for workers also. The low-cost producer in the future will use barter as part or all of it's business model.

4) Abolish the tax code and replace it with a Nationa Sales Tax of about a 15% rate (check out Cato Institute's plan). A sales tax would reward savings. More savings domestically will mitigate the need to borrow from abroad. Everything has a cost-a sales tax is a recognition of the cost to the environment. A sales tax insures everyone will pay.

America created the circumstances of it's non-competiveness. We can fix it.

Israel, AIPAC And Nuclear Technology Transfer

April 8, 2005: Asher Karni, an Israeli businessman, who also runs a South African company called Top-Cape Technology in Cape Town, South Africa, has been cooperating with the U S government since September , 2004. Federal investigators revealed yesterday that he pleaded guilty to helping Pakistani Humayun Khan ( no relation to A Q Khan who was also selling nuclear weapon related hardware around the world). Mr. Karni arranged the purchase of possible nuclear related equipment for an illegal destination-Pakistan. Also Mr. Karni acknowledged that he was involved in 2002 of illegally selling "controlled" (dual-use) nuclear weapons related equipment to India.

Israel is America's poster image for a democratic Middle East. Israel also has 100-200 nuclear bombs with American jets and missles that can deliver them. Israel is the reason there has been an arms race in that region.

AIPAC ( American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) has enormous influence in the U S Congress and legislatures across the land. They also draw on The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations which is run by Mort Zuckerman (owner-editor of U S News & World Report). Between the both of those organizations and the 50 PACS they control across America they pour millions into buying votes from our money-addicted politicians(second oldest profession). Some of the money they use is recycled U S grant money($2.8 billion per year). AIPAC 's influence in getting legislation passed to have Israel a legitimate destination for that kind of equipment set up the oppotunity for the likes of Mr. Karni to divert to illegal destinations-Pakistan and India. This is the legal underworld of Israeli influence in America's government.

If your representative in Wasington or in your state capitol is not on the phone to an AIPAC rep let him know you want him to stop taking foreign money that interferes with America's domestic security.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Local Solution to National Problem

Attempts by Mexican illegals to enter the U S across the Mexico-Arizona border was cut in half (400 to 200 ) do to a grass-roots uprising in Arizona about a week ago. Approximately 1000 civilian volunteers with guns, binoculars and communication devices are helping to spot illegals and report them to the U S Border Patrol for a quick arrest.

Could it be that simple? Local people getting involved to solve a national problem that the politicians in Washigton won't address effectively. Surely Vicente Fox,the president of Mexico, is calling his man in Washington George W Bush about the inconvenience.

All politics are local. Why pay two politicians?One lives in Washigton and the other lives locally.Its time to take back the power of Washington over local affairs.

Afghanistan: More Than the Weather is Bad

April 6, 2005: An American CH-47 Chinook went down killing 16 American soldiers with two still missing. It went down south of Kabul, Afghanistan in "bad weather".

March 29, 2005: Two U S soldiers were wounded in an ambush by insurgents in southern Afghanistan.

March 26, 2005: Four U S soldiers were killed when their vehicle struck a land mine in southern Afghanistan.

February 4, 2005: A civilian plane crashed in southern Afghanistan killing 104 passengers and crew members. The deaths included 6 American aid workers and contractors. "Bad weather" was cited as the cause.

November, 2004 : Three U S soldiers and 3 civilian crew members were killed when their plane crashed into a mountain in central Afghanistan. The cause was "bad weather"

America invaded Afghanistan in October, 2001. Since that time including these recent fatalities 138 Americans have lost their lives-30% of that total in the past 3 months. It is beginning to look like a trend of resistence more than "bad weather". The Afghanis defeated the Russians with American supplied hand-held Stinger ground-to-air missle launchers. I am sure they did not return those weapons to the U S after the Russians left.

Attacking the Taliban by the U S was a mission that was appropriate. But nation-building and eradication of the poppy crops (source of heroin) is mission creep that runs up against the culture and economy of the Afghan people. The spraying of the poppy crops spills over into staple crops, water,animals and people. Sadly, I think more loss of US lives is on the way.

One thing for sure, using "bad weather" as an excuse for loss of U S soldiers has a time limit.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Bible, Poverty and Modern Medicine

The Bible mentions poverty 3000 times. Christ personally talked about helping the poor on many occasions. If one were to sum-up the Bible's main message it would necessarily be to" help the poor". Christ was relevant to the people of his time because of that connecting message. Poverty is a quality of life issue.

This brings me to the question of poverty in the modern age and the issues of life prolonging medicines and the resulting issues of quality of life and termination of life.

Modern medicine has a two sided impact on the quality of life. From fertility drugs that enhance conception through antibiotics that fight life-threatening diseases to questionable life prolonging techniques that can prolong life for an indefinite period-Terri Schiavo was on life support for about 15 years ( no quality of life).

The other aspect of modern medicine is the overcrowding and the resulting pressure on natural resources. We live on a zero sum planet. One species gain is anothers loss. Creationists or evolutionists would have no argument on that fact.

This is the question. Does modern man do god's work when he helps people have an improved quality of life? Whether you believe in god or the golden rule one would answer yes. But on the flip side, does modern man do god's work when he encourages child bearing, provides life saving drugs and prolongs life artificially without consideration to the quality of life? Fifty percent of childhood deaths are caused by malnutrition.

If modern man and his medicine want to fight poverty and provide quality of life at the same time then it becomes an imperative for medicines two-sided impact to be addressed.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Book: Evangelicals,Zionists & Secular Neocons
Author: Barry Leonardini
Where: Monticello Inn , 127 Ellis St, San Francisco, Ca. ( Ellis at Powell )
Time: April 20, 2005- 5:30 pm-6:30 pm
Refreshments : Complimentary wine.

Only 40 Tribes and one Gold Mine: No Wealth for a Democracy

Kyrgyzstan has been very much in the news lately. The Bush democracy machine has been eagerly passing out prepackaged news about the popular uprising in the Central Asian country. It was marketed as another example of democracy flowering because of the nurturing of America's democratic gardener George W. Bush. The U S has been pouring millions into this country so that democratic institutions could supplant the semiauthoritarian state government -which was elected. The fertilizer for democracy was millions of dollars passed out to activists by U S organizations like the National Endowment For Democracy. This organization has the democratic template that all" successful societies" must adopt according to the Bush Doctrine. But the fertilizer of money had a shallow penetration. The roots of the uprising could not penetrate into the soul of the Kyrgystan's people. After two weeks, the net result seems to indicate that the former leaders have been merely replaced by new leaders who have similar policies. The word "Kyrgyz" means forty clans. The new government reflects a new combination of those original clans. Also, and probably more importantly for a future democratic state, there still is only one gold mine that is the principle source of wealth.

Democracy needs wealth for it to take root. If there is no wealth then there is no wealth to pass around as per the voters of special interests that comprise all democracies.

As America is finding out in Afghanistan and Iraq the tribes are the basis of their cultures also. The West enjoys democracy because of its wealth. The East has gone through its wealth thousands of years ago.The Fertile Crescent has become largely a desert. So people do what they can with the soil that is left. And by extension their culture , religion and government reflect the realities of their soil. Soil is the basis of all wealth.

And this is the main difference between East and West.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Minuteman Project: Grass roots answer to illegal immigration.

A refreshingly direct answer to illegal immigration on the Mexico-Arizona border has sprung up. Called the Minuteman Project ( the Minuteman name came from America's revolutionary fighters) it involves approximately 1000 volunteers. They supply themselves with guns, binoculars and communication devices. These are private citizens. They want to augment the woefully understaffed regular border patrol of the U S Government.Their self assigned mission is to spot illegals entering the U S and report them to the border guards for a quick arrest. President Bush has condemned the Project. Bush is the guy who started a preemptive war on Iraq with cooked-up intelligence but has reservations about American's protecting their own jobs and country. "The New York Times" so far has not covered the story which probabably means that their logo "All the News That is Fit to Print" has to be related to the Israeli situation.

Former INS Commissioner Doris Meissner was quoted " Lets all hope it does'nt spin out of control and become ugly". I have news for Ms. Meissner. The Minuteman respnse is because illegal immigration has gotten ugly and has spun out of control. There are about 10 million illegals in America. Government figures indicate that Mexican illegals send back home to Mexico about $13 billion a year.The costs of running emergency clinics nationally that are not reimbursed (illegal immigrant usage) run about $9 billion per year. Schools, legal aid and governtment aid runs into the billions annually which are tied to illegals.

The Minuteman Project has a lot to do with self-defense. America needs local answers. All politics are local. If a country has enough local answers there will not be national problems. No national problems then the national government becomes superflous which eliminates the need for taxes and spending which Bush and other presidents before him auction off to their supporters.

It's no wonder that Bush takes the Minuteman Project personally.