Friday, April 28, 2006

America Now is Like The Last Days of Rome

First the bad news and then a plan for survival.

America's current situation remind of Rome's last days as a superpower. Preemtive wars for democracy and profit that are zero-sum. Whatever power is weilded abroad is subtracted from it's citizens. A planned mass boycott for illegal immigrant rights issues wants" to shut down cities". What's more, elected officials support the plan ! An elected president " Crosses the Rubicon " to become more like a Ceasar. He's supported by the military-industrial complex who look like a modern day Praetorian Guard. Federal deficits that remind of Rome's " bread and circus" budgets. There's more but you get the idea.

Now the way out. It's simple. Washington has too much power, The lobbyists and gerrymandered districts have won the game. How else could a crummy country like Israel get so much respect. Washington should be stripped of most of the powers that it has accumilated since FDR's New Deal. Some first signs of hope toward this end are the recent moves for impeachment of Bush through initiatives by the Illinois and California Assemblies. States should be the place where power resides. Also wars should only be waged by a majority vote through a NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Latinos and Month of May

What is it about the month of May for Latinos ? Cinco de Mayo remembers the overthrow of France's Maximillian. On May 1st in America, Latino hot heads want to shut down major American cities to show their strength.They want an amnesty for illegals. They can go to hell. They are using the 1960s template of the Civil Rights movement. Wrong. The African-Americans and the carpetbaggers were citizens already. This Latino anarchy qualifies as an invasion. Compare the hypocrite-politicians attitudes to the Dubai Ports deal and homeland security to their attitude about millions of illegals taking over America in broad daylight.

Immigration officials should be making arrests and filming the groups for follow-up investigations. Send these illegals home.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Israel & Holocaust Survivors : Shame is For Export Only

Yesterday in Poland, Holocaust survivors, students and others totaling 8000 remembered the atrocities at Auschwitz and Birkenau death camps. They participated in the annual March of the Living. What major city in the Western world doen't have a Holocaust memorial? It's serves as a reminder and a bill of guilt served to all.. And it has worked. Israel's existence is in large part due to the debt that the West felt it owed to the Jews for their hardships.

That's what made an article carried by the Associated Press interesting. According to the article, there are 90,000 Holocaust survivors living in poverty in Israel today. Israel is a rich country thanks in large part to U.S. aid that is part of the guilt trip that Israel's lobby has us on. For example, Israel's long-term debt to the U.S. totals over $ 42 billion. But the debt service is offset by the 1983 Cranston Amendment. That amendment provides that any repayment of debt to the U.S. should be equal to any economic assistance that the U.S. gives to Israel. So its a wash. This does not count the $ 2.5 billion that America gives Israel yearly because of Pres. Carter's Camp David Accords. Israel's GDP is app .$ 140 billion. The governments budget is app. $ 58 billion of which $ 10 billion is for the military.

Israel's Holocaust Survivors Welfare Fund distributes app. $ 35 million per year for medical benefits. Of that total Israel only pays $ 3 million. The rest is payed by Germany and Austria through the New York- based Claims Conference. It is part of reparations. The article also says that about 10,000 survivors are eligible for aid but don't get it. Israeli Holocaust survivor Zeev Factor, 80, said, " The government of Israel has received money from the German government but I think the [ Israeli ] government didn't use enough for survivors."

Israel is shameless. It markets Holocaust guilt and shame to the world as a branded product. But domestically it doesn't pay its own obligation to the Holocaust survivors.

Rummy And Condi in Iraq

What must the Iraqi legislature think to themselves when Rumsfeld and Rice come to visit. Could they muse, " Is America serious? If these two are to be our role models, our people won't buy it and we are not getting bribed enough".

Et Tu Hillary ?

Bush must be toast. Even the wormy Hillary impersonates a threatening snake with her almost inaudible calls for an oil industry investigation and Bush's complicity.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Impeachment of Bush: States ,Grass-Root Activism

Part of Thomas Jefferson's legacy was his " Manual of Rules of the United States House of Representatives". It includes this provision in Section 603, " allows federal impeachment proceedings to be initiated by joint resolutions of a state legislature."

Well Karen Yarbrough of the Illinois Assembly introduced such a bill of impeachment on April, 20. Yesterday Paul Koretz, assemblyman of Los Angeles, California introduced a similar bill in the California Assembly. According to Jefferson's rules it would only take one such resolution for the House to be compelled to take it up in front of all other pending legislation. Vermont and 4 other states are also in different stages of similar resolutions.

It's about time. The lobbyists and Congress have already won the game of locking up America's political destiny with little regard for the real world in America. They have become roguish , non-relevant and very expensive. This type of quasi-national referendum/parliamentary no- confidence vote is an approprite end run.

Equally forboding for Bush and his hate-mongering stooges is a recent poll taken in the heavily Christian Conservative state of Alabama. The Capital Survey Research Center on April 19, published a negative view of Bush's performance across all categories. If Bush draws bad reviews in Alabama, he's toast across the country.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Iran's President Ahmadinejad Asks A Good Question

Iran's President Ahmadinejad said today, " Some 60 years have passed since the end of World War II. Why should the people of Germany and Palestine pay now for a war in which the current generation was not involved?". Someone in America should have asked that question about Palestine's role a lot sooner. But what a difference in communications in these past 60 years. That question should have been debated in America. Instead it was treated like a taboo subject. Both the left and the right in American politics got wealthy and powerful by doing the bidding of the Jewish/Israeli lobby.

The U.N didn't have the power of eminent domain when it partitioned Palestine in that rigged 1947 vote that created Israel. Refer to the book " O' Jerusalem" by Collins and Lapierre. The whole political intimidation by the U.S. and other European countries is laid out. It's been said that," America only learns about history and geography by going to war." That's too expensive. Let's talk about America's future and its policies. It's too important to be a taboo subject.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Disease & Death in Africa: Wrong & Misguided Aid

Sub-Sahara Africa suffers a death rate of app. 30,000 per day. Most of the deaths are because of malnutrition. This staggering figure is despite the app. $ 500 billion ( todays dollars) that Africa has received in aid since the 1960s. Things have actually gotten worse since the aid started. Why? Because the aid has actually exacerbated the problem. The aid which takes the form of life- saving and life-prolonging drugs along with food assistance has propelled a population growth that requires ever increasing aid. This has not been offset with an equally agressive birth control effort. Therefore sub-Sahara birth rates per woman are 3 times faster than the DONOR nations. Africans are having 4.5 children per woman versus the European/American 1.5 children per woman .That kind of math will never come out with a sustainable balance.

The overpopulation has created a breeding monster that ravages the African soil until it can't support crop growth anymore. When droughts come as they always have and always will, it is the last straw in the African's fragile existence. They are forced to migrate in search of food and water to cities or neighboring countries. And then the genocidal wars start.

For whatever reasons, Africans in general have never advanced themselves scientifically and culturally to be able to use state of the art drugs in a judicious balanced way that offsets their birth rates. Consequently its up to the donor nations to impose a discipline of birth control . There should be no aid without an a plan for birth reduction.

A long term plan for African stability should recognize the inherent difference of Africans with other nations and take advantage of those strengths and weaknesses. . It's strengths are the natural geographical beauties and the relatively untouched ecosystems. This is a perfect surrounding for eco-tourism and land conservations. It's indigeous peoples are more suited for the related employment opportunities.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bush The Brat & The Iraqi Sand Box

" Bring em' on" and " I'm the decider" and now the little jerk-off wants Uncle Donny to stay at the funny-shaped building.

Suppose there was boy who remained a boy. Suppose that boy had a well-connected father who knew how the game was played in Washington. Suppose that boy never thought about the future because it was alwys handed to him. Suppose that boy was surrounded by other boys and girls in Washington who used this boy to cover their own mishief. Suppose the oppostion to the boy were only tattletales who but 1 or 2 ,never stood alone and challenged the little bully-boy to grow up or get a licking.

Why is this little bully-boy jerk-off still using public facilities? Run the little ass out of town.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion : Probably False But Still Accurate

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" read like a nickel-novel. Facile, amateurish and hokey are some discriptives . But.

Opening today at the Holocaust Museum in Wash. D.C. is an exhibition called "A Dangerous Lie: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". The backround of the book is laid out. It points to what the elders of the museum believe or would have us believe are the parts of literary history that the Protocols could have been engineered from. The museum directors are doing their own sort of reverse engineering to try to prove their point. But that still begs the the question, " Do the Protocols accurately describe historical and modern -day Jews ?"

The Protocols were published in 1905. They have endured because there is some truth in its content. Specifically, there is and has been a Zionist movement. Whether that Zionist movement involves individual Jews living a double-life or double-agent type of existence is for the most part overdone. But the existence of a common goal for a mutual benefit is really proven by the many, many Jewish/Israeli political acxtion committees and benevolent societies that include some with a sharp offensive attitude of reverse discrimination.

The Jews would dispel some of the justified criticism if they would stop playing the race card and cashing in on the Holocaust so shamelessly.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Wheel and Civilization: About To Go Full Circle ?

Today's newspaper carried an article about the cost and scarcity of a wheel. It wasn't just any wheel. It was 12 feet tall and 4 feet wide and cost $ 40,000 EACH. It's fitted to those giant dump trucks that handle 400 ton hauls. Open-pit mining companies are thr primary users. The demand for natural rsources has exploded with population growth times the exponential of consumerism. As the price goes higher for coal, zinc, copper, etc the holes in the ground go lower and wider in their extraction.

Have we gone as far as we can go in the evolution of the wheel with this monster wheel? And by implication, is man's evolutionary journey and impact reaching the natural limits of our earth and will soon stagnate and/or retreat? Who first made use of the wheel? Archeologists found the artifacts of wheels in ancient Mesopotamia that dated back to over 5500 years ago. Mesopotamia is modern day Iraq. What a coincidence. So now the descendents of the " cradle of civilization" are back waging war that threatens all civilization. Are the tools of the frivolous primate not appropriate ? What a difference from the small discreet foot prints of our ancestors over 200,000 years ago in Africa and the the wheel print of the vehicle the descendents use today.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Citigroup's Sanford Weill Got Away Smiling

Sanford Weill of Citigroup retires today. The media photos show him with a big smile. Not coincidentally Citigroup reported its 1st quarter earnings also. They were over $ 5.64 billion. Whatever one thinks of Sandy's business culture and record, he knew how to make money. Citigroup needs only 2 such quarterly earnings to pay for the many, many fines and lawsuit judgements that they have had in recent years. But the app $ 10 billion in legal judgements are mere tokens to pay for the enormous profits that the financial giant takes in. A partial list of scams of Weill's Citigroup include: Enron,WorldCom, Adelphia, Dynegy and Global Crossing.

Foreign governments have also noticed the rapacious antics of Weill's Citigroup. This partial list includes major illegal financial schemes in China, Britain, Japan and Argentina.

Also Citigroup was recently fined over $ 285 million by the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Reserve for " predatory lending" to poor people who were buying homes. No one is too big or too small for Sandy's Citigroup to put the touch on. The sum total of greed and larceny at Citigroup rivals the infamous Halliburton.

Poor Martha Stewart. She must wonder. "What did I do so bad? Look at Weill's Citigroup and what he got away with."

Sandy says he's going to play more golf in his retirement. But it won't be the same. An honest game of golf hasn't the challenge or thrill of pulling off some deal . But golfers can be caught in rough lies also. Sandy will come out smiling.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Education of Minorities : Voluntary Segregation as a Solution

One would sound cruel and glib if one said, " The problem with minorities is that they exist." But there is truth and an implied solution in that flippant statement. The solution to a minority problem is to put as many of them together so they become a majority. This includes education. That bit of truth has been popping up across America. Trying to teach classes that are filled with multicultural students invites failure in performance. Americas European culture and educational curriculum and ENGLISH only has been submerged by the new realities of an open door policy on immigration without regard to Americas cultural foundations.. This started with the Nationality and Immigration Act of 1965. Also the Civil Rights laws of the 1960s and the Federal Education Act of 1972 hindered a remedy for the wrong turn in education. Those laws changed the arrogant " seperate but equal" approach to education to the political condescension of " different but equal". Both are not accurate or workable.People are known by their differences. Culture, race and competence do matter.

In Omaha last week, the Nebraska legislature led by Ernie Chambers its only African-American, established 3 VOLUNTARY school districts that are race based. One is white, 1 is black and 1 is for hispanics. Mr. Chambers said, " We [blacks] desire to control a school district in which we are the majority."

Last year the Bush administration proposed a change in Title IX of the Federal Education Act of 1972. The proposal would amend the Act to allow single sex classes and schools to be offered if there was equal funding. It was supported by Sen Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.; Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md. and Sen Kay Baily Hutchison, R-Tx.

Gary Orfield,director of the Civil Rights Project at Harvard said last week in response to the Nebraska vote, " These efforts to resegregate schools by race keep popping up in various parts of the country."

The "times are a changin". Its about time.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Exxon CEO Pay vs. Apple Computer, Disney and Oracle CEOs

Here's a quick reality check for all the politically correct groupies. They are upset by the news of Exxon retiring CEO Lee Raymond's compensation total from 1993 to 2005 amounting to over $ 686 million. But Steve Jobs of Apple Computer received over $700 million in the year of 2000 alone. Michael Eisner of Disney bagged over $ 550 million in the year of 1997 alone. And then there is Larry Ellison of Oracle who bagged over $ 500 million 2 years ago. Sure Raymond is as ugly as a core sample and his business is oil and he's not semitic but the others are more greedy according to the numbers.

Impeach Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw

Public Health laws are more important than individual rights and take precedent. No one has the right to contaminate the public areas. Sidewalks don't flush. Urban renewal is more important than the homeless. The 8th Amendment barring of " cruel and unusual punishment" has nothing to do with clearing public walkways of sleeping bums.

Who would deny these statements? Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw does. She sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in San Francisco. She ruled in the majority of a 2-1 panel that invalidated a 37 year old ordinance in Los Angeles. Shw wrote in her opinion, " The 8th Amendment barring 'cruel and unusual punishment' prohibits Los Angeles from punishing involuntary sitting, lying or sleeping on public sidewalks that is an unavoidable consequence of being human and homeless without shelter." She is a moron.

The area in question in L.A. is 50 blocks square. It is called Skid Row. Recently there has been an urban renewal of part of that area. New apartments and condominiums have been built. That's good for the city and it's people. But the new inhabitants resent that homeless/bums have to be stepped over or avoided because they might be dangerous. Enter the L.A. Police to clean up the area. Then enter activist lawyers that are pro bums paid hansomely by the taxpayers. Then enter Judge Wardlaw.

One wonders about Judge Wardlaw's personal hygiene habits when she ignores the discriptions of what the downside is of sidewalks that don't flush. But one shouldn't wonder that she is incompetent and should be removed from the bench.Again. No one has the liberty or right to contaminate public areas.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

G.G.Bridge Suicide Barrier: Bad Idea

The Golden Gate Board of Directors raised $ 2,000,000 to pay for a study of adding a suicide barrier. Estimates of the barrier cost range from $ 50,000,000to $ 150,000,000. Why do we need one? The Bridge opened in 1937. Since then 1200 people jumped to their death. The past 69 years shows an average of 17 deaths per year. Let's assume that history repeats itself. So over the next 69 years app. another 1200 people choose to jump from the Bridge. If the costs are at the top of the range at $150,000,000 then the prevention costs will be $ 125,000 per person saved. Too much. Way too much money and it will not stop a determined suicide. There are too many other ways of ending one's life. Directors should take note, that during their efforts to raise the $ 2,000,0000, assisted suicide was actually ruled legal under certain conditions by the U.S.Supreme Court in the U.S. and in Oregon in particular. That's the direction we are headed .

Tom Ammiano our own Stupidvisor also sits on the Bridge Board . He's has been a major influence in pushing for this study . He said, " This is a significant gesture that will be appreciated by the families affected." So it's a $ 2,000,000 gesture ? What an idiot he is. The "affected families" won't get their family members back nor do I think that they stay awake at night thinking about prevention for some unknown next death. Or maybe he's not an idiot and will receive some contributions from the consultant group that is doing the study. So then he's not an idiot but only a simple thief.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Endangered & Most Dangerous Game Canned Hunt

Is there anyone more cowardly than a hunter of trapped animals ? Spain has become a favorite destination for wealthy hunters worldwide who spend up to $ 30,000.00 per day for a canned hunt. The big price is paid because the game is illegal . The animals include tigers, lions, antelope, elephants and other endangered species. The game is transported illegally into Spain from different parts of the world. Some come from zoos. These types of animals are not native to Spain. So the animals can't familiarize themselves with survival knowledge on the fast timetable that is dictated by the commerce of canned hunts. Hunters have high-tech scopes that provide amazing distance kills. Some hunters have silencers on the rifle. With a muffled sound the hunted animal doesn't know it's in someones crosshairs sights if the first shot misses. Consequently it doesn't flee.

Wouldn't it be a better world if the depraved hunter could be exposed to his/her own slaughter and butchery? How about having an equally armed animal rights activist being in the same compound as a wild card possibility? Let's take it a step further. Since the human is not endangered over 6.5 billion at last count, leave the wildlife out of it altogether. Why not have a corporate and/or animal rights sponser post a large purse for a winner-take-all hunting duel ? There could be only two adversaries or teams or hell why not a small army of contestants? A few years ago , a member of the prestigious Royal Society in England suggested that by his calculations there should only be about 600,000,000 million humans that the earth could sustain comfortably. If I fought, I would fight with the animal activists. Who would you fight for? What do you think?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Israel vs. Hamas: Who Will Win?

The past weekend saw more Israeli air strikes that target Palestinians . Compliments of th U.S., F-16s, Apache gunships, drone aircraftand and satelite observations have made killing Palestinians akin to " shooting fish in a barrel". The Palestinian resistance still relies on on the relatively stone-age barbarism of suicide bomber with occasional inaccurate home-made rocket.

Israel has created a slum of refugee camps filled with displaced Palestinians from historic Palestine. Like the slum landlord, the economy of Israel is wealthy while its tenants are among the poorest in the world.. But that disparity also points out a fact. After 50 years of tyranny, Israel's high-cost military tactics have not stopped the low-cost Palestinian resistance model. In fact the Palestinians have forced Israel to withdraw from Gaza and other occupied areas.

Israel has a problem of stagnant to declining population. They have choosen to cower behind their seperation wall. It's ironic that after all the centuries of fighting bias, discrimination and racism that the Israelis finally agree that they need to be segregated.

History supports Darwin's thesis that low-cost adaptive behavior survives. Hamas fits this thesis more accurately in this conflict.

Illegal Immigrants, Mob Rule & Civil Rights

The political model being used by illegal immigrant activists is patterned on the Civil Rights movement used by the blacks and their supporters in the 1960s. Yesterday the Irish rebel Sen. Teddy Kennedy joined the protesting crowds in Wash. ,D.C.. He recalled this very spot where Martin Luther King spoke of civil rights for all. Teddy said, " I see [ in you protestors] America's future". From his track record, he's correct. Teddy never mowed a lawn nor does he intend to. Nor would he force a welfare recipient, that he and his brothers help create,to mow his lawn. The tactics of mob rule, rioting and civil disobedience that the blacks and their suppoters resorted to did indeed change Americas culture and laws. Those Civil Rights laws of the Great Society have had the effective negative consequence of fostering a welfare dependent and dysfunctional underclass that won't do the jobs that the illegal immigrants do.

These are not civil rights demonstrations. One has to be a citizen first to protest about the countrys laws. This is anarchy and mob intimidation by foreigners. Unfortunately for us the illegals know that they are up against our largely spineless and corrupt politicians. How will largely immoral politicians stand up to illegal immigrants ?

If our politicians fail then it becomes a chore for citizen border guards and whistle-blowers on employers who hire illegals. Most importantly our own welfare legions have to work before they can receive benefits.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Gospel of Judas: Jesus & Jews Revisited

It looked like just another Easter for faithful Christians. But the perfectly timed marketing blitz of the 1700 year- old Gospel of Judas by the National Geographic Society and other connected media vendors shattered that expected serenity. The Gospel was discovered in Egypt about 35 years ago. It was circulated among potential buyers and/or scholars for ideas on where it fit . There were no takers until National Geographic and others decided to bring it out of the shadows. Now it is the basis of 2 books, television shows, magazine articles and public exhibitions. The marketing blitz included simultaneous op-ed articles across the country. People associated with the project and others were given media coverage if they provided comment. These included Elaine Pagels, Gary Wills, David Gibson and also priests, rabbis and scholars.

The message of the marketing carried a challenge to the Christians account regarding the part that Jews played in Christ's death. According to the Gospel of Judas, Jesus deliberately used Judas as part of the divine plan for the redemption of mankind. The direct implication was that Jews were not the infamous " Christ-killers" of ancient history.

I never understood the bad rap on the Jews for their part in killing Christ. Jesus was a Jew and his biblical betrayal by other Jews seem to be an event among equals.

But the marketing of the Judas Gospel smacks of a slick public relations make over of the poor image of Jews and Israel . They have gotten their image lumps because of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. At least half of polled individuals blame Israel for the conflict. Therefore if there could be some relief of the guilt that the Jews bare in an historical sense then public opinion might be more favorable in todays conflict.

Note the recent best sellers list in the N.Y Times also show books that challenge traditional understanding of the Bible. Books include, " What Jesus Meant", " Misquoting Jesus"and the blockbuster now in paperback " The Da Vinci Code". PBS is showing an abnormal amount of holocaust and favorable Israel documentaries. It would seem that the Jewish community is working late into the night trying to change public opinion about their place in history .

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Voting Rights Act, Illegal Immigrants & Illiterate Americans

Certain sections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 are up for renewal in 2007. But the debate is starting now in Congress. It couldn't come at a better time. With the illegal immigration issues raging across America, it is educational to view some of the bad roots that were planted with this Act that relate to todays immigration problems . The key to a democracy is the right to vote. But who can vote is just as important. The Act outlawed literacy tests as a hurdle for voting. Literacy tests were outlawed to accomodate mostly African-Americans and some non-blacks who couldn't read or write. That provision is not up for renewal. But it should be deleted from the Votings Right Act. Literacy should be a requirement to vote. What's the problem in requiring people to know how to read and write ? English is Americas official language. Read the choices without help and write out the name of the candidate that they want. Also to answer a question. For example, "Do people have responsibilities with rights? "

Out of the " literacy test ban" came the faulty logical extension that multiple language ballots should be provided to voters who didn't speak English. Voila! We have linked illiterate American's rights to legal and illegal non- English speaking immigrants voting rights. Multiple language ballots is coming up for renewal . It should not be renewed.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Mayor Gavin Newsom, Irish Rebel

It was said that 19th century Irish immigrants when entering a new country asked one question first, " What kind of government you got here ? Because I'm against it." Mayor Newsom is a descendent of that kind of politicaal Irish stock. He's the mayor that invited homosexual marriage in San Francisco. His criminal behavior redifined the cultural custom of marriage and broke California state law. He probably handed George Bush the margin of votes to win. Newsom should have been impeached. But he is the Platonic sodomite of the homosexual community in S.F.

Well he's at it again. Now he and S.F.'s Board of Stupidvisors are urging San Franciscos law enforcement agencies not to comply with criminal provisions of any new federal immigration bill. Newsom said, " If people think we were defiant in the gay marriage issue, they haven't seen defiance." Wow. Why all the venom? What's his problem? The main reason why he is mayor is together with his father Judge Wm. Newsom Jr. they do a courtier-like performance for billionaire Gordon Getty. Getty's money and the judges brown nose got former Mayor Willie Brown to appoint Gavin to the Board of Stupidvisors. From there Gavin and groupies developed a cheap version of J.F.K. including a striking rent-a-wife and an unfurnished home in the required political district.

Since Gavin is such an Irish caricature of rebellion he should resort to drinking to temper his raging spirit. Seriously other Irish playwrights, poets, actors and characters have somewhat civilized themselves under the influence of alcohol. If one can't stand being normal or one really doesn't get it then one should fake it.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Senator McCain is Dumb, Senator Feinstein is a Liar

Sen. John McCain of Arizona spoke yesterday about pending immigration legislation in the Senate. He said, " This is the greatest challenge... securing our borders, taking 11 million people [ illegal immigrants ] out of the shadows who are exploited everyday." The man is a fool. "Exploit" is the word more properly used in reference to what these illegals do to our country. These so-called" exploited" who live in the "shadows" earn enough to support themselves while in America and in addition send app. $ 20 billion back to Old Mexico each year.

Senator Dianne Feinstein of Ca. wrote an op-ed piece this past Sunday. She said, " They [ illegal immigrants ] are forced to live furtively, deeply embedded within all parts of America." She is not a fool. She is a liar, i.e. no one forces these criminals to live furtively. One chooses to become a criminal first then has to live furtively secondly. According to her long record, Feinstein would seem more interested in democracy for Iraq and security for Israel than in security for our American democracy.

Americas original laws were based on her culture. We should enforce those laws or lose our culture.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Latino Illegals Go Home

Bureau of Immigration and Custom Enforcement and Pew Hispanic Center facts point to the reasons for immigration problems in the U.S. In 1992 there were app. 4 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. of which 80% were Latinos. Now there are app. 12 million illegals of which 10 million are Latinos( 1/3 are unemployed). During this past 14 years U.S. Border Agents increased by 189%. What caused the spike inspite of the increased border protection during the full Clinton presidency and roughly 1/2 of the Bush presidency? Lack of enforcement of existing laws is the reason. Enforcement actions against illegals and their employers fell from app. 1500 per year in 1992 to only 3 in 2005. Clinton's watch saw a decline from 1500 enforcement actions per year when he took office to 1000 per year by the time he left. Bush is worse. He has presided over a decline from 1000 actions per year to a probably criminally effected number of only 3 enforcement actions in 2004. Campaign contributions do work.

America is a magnet for illegals.Besides the opportunity for work there exists multiple free services that await illegals compliments of our irresponsibly and probably unconstitutional welfare laws. These perqs include but are not limited to free schooling, free medical care, free legal advice, automatic citizenship for children born to illegals in the U.S., ballots in multiple languages, driver licenses and in some areas the opportunity to vote. Also the reason for many of the illegals being welcomed by some is the fact that our home-grown welfare citizens won't get on their knees except for Jesus or a sexual act.

Illegal Latinos should stay in their own country. They should concentrate on having less children and having their own governments provide the framework for employment. Our own carpetbaggers, businessmen, lawyers and all the other vendors who feast on the illegal immigration problem should consider themselves more than somewhat a traitor to America at large. If they can't live by the spirit and letter of the laws then they should be treated as illegals also.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

American Jewish Committee and Iran Threat

The American Jewish Committee took out a full-page ad in todays N.Y. Times. The ad showed a map centered on Iran. The range of Iran's new missile were the parameters of the map. The implications were that all in that parameter were now subject to annihilation- from the Arctic in the north to South Africa, from Spain in the west to China in the east. But they still don't have 1 nuclear warhead.

The A. J. C. made no mention or comparison to Israel's 200 ready-to-go nuclear warheads, 6 submarines, Harpoon missles, F-16s, Boeing air-tanker etc. Actually the most lethal weapon Israel controls is our own Congress ! Through A.J.C., American Israel Public Affairs Committee, The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and others, they control our store-bought politicians. Israels enemies are her problem. Israels character is her fate.

American Justice Can't Win Against Terrorists

Yesterday Zacarias Moussaoui, a Morroccon immigrant, was found eligible for the death penalty. He was complicit in the Sept. 11, 2001 bombings of the World Trade Towers where 3000 people died. 9/11 happened over 4 years ago. American justice is just now closing the case. Think about it. Terrorists killed 3000 people in New York within hours. It takes America over 4 years to serve up justice to only a minor player. If this were a ball game America would have lost.

Our legal system effectively exists more to serve the financial interests of the players rather than pursuing quick efficient justice. This includes lawyers, judges and the bureaucratic layers that serve the trial theater. There is more money in delaying justice . The players in America's legal system enjoy the comfort of a non-competitive atmosphere in an otherwise extremely competitive world. There should be an incentive for quick inexpensive justice. my suggestion would limit all lawyer fees to a fixed amount so that the quicker the resolution the higher the hourly rate.

Secretary Rice: Foolish and Spoiled African-American

Secretary Rice continues to make a fool of herself and by extension the American people who let this pickaninny represent us. She flew to Iraq this past weekend to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. She said, " .. the money and blood sacfrifices [ in Iraq] of the American people needs better efforts to form a national unity government." Gee Condi, do you think the Iraqis care about our spent money and lives and your opinion? They had it better under Hussein.

Our cretan from Birmingham, Alabama suffers from the deliusion that affects most affirmative-action African-American women . They are spoiled .