Saturday, February 26, 2011

Academy Awards Very 'White":Viewer Discretion Advised?

According to recent sound-the- alarm- type-articles in the NYT and the L.A. Times, upcoming Oscar actor nominees are all "white". As per the articles, "the whitest since the 1980's". Also, by extension , the nominated movies are mostly about main stream "white subjects". Gee, sounds like Dargis and Scott of NYT and Goldstein of LA Times are issuing a viewer discretion advisory. The implied message of the reviewers was be sure and don't let the children see how America once functioned.

The only movie I saw was "The Kings Speech". I enjoyed its simple story of overcoming a personal impediment. It was done very well. The usual minorities with all their bullshit issues were not seen or heard.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Imperial Presidency Needs Imperial Congress

Obama is arrogant. Bush #2 was arrogant.Clinton was arrogant.Bush #1 was arrogant. Reagan was arrogant. Carter was arrogant. Etc. Etc. Etc. So what? All those preidents couldn't express their arrogance without the help of an arrogant congress. If one wants to stop arrogance then one has to go after the whole infrastructure of arrogance. That includes both the executive and the legislative branches. Don't forget the judicial branch. It swings back and forth with its own activism. Actually, in proportional comparative terms,it carries more arrogance per pound than the other two put together.

So what's to be done? Then it came to me in a dream . I dreamed I pushed one of my represenatives in congress into traffic. I woke up refreshed and empowered.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

George Soros:Shadow Unofficial Lawmaker Should be Followed

Where does George Soros live? It's common knowledge that he wields great influence with our government. He's not elected. He's not appointed to any position in government. Yet he gets things done. He needs peer pressure to teach him his limitations. In this day of bought governments and bought legal paradigms, only peer pressure will be effective as a social weapon.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Presidents Day & Assassins Day

Tommorow is Presidents Day. Abraham Lincoln will be "honored' also. Why would we honor one of the most reckless chief executives ? On his watch, an American Civil War took the lives of app. 700,000 North and South soldiers. We shouldn't leave out the East and the West either. I'll bet that some people from all points of the compass voted for Lincoln. Boy were they surprised what this ugly, mean spirited attorney did with his power of the presidency. What about the deaths of pets, livestock and wild animals and birds? How many structures and homes were lost? How many fires burnt out because they ran out of trees and grasses? 

Only John Wilkes Booth took vengence upon himself to rid the country of Lincoln. You might have guessd that they would have been standing in line at Ford Theater to get a shot at the great organizer of disaster. Most humans are lazy and cowardly.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Love the Smell of Burning Collective Bargaining

Well it may have started. The revolution ,I mean, may have started in Wisconsin. The opposing forces are the overpaid arrogant government workers unions and affiliated teachers unions to name just two. They are against the government and by extension the people who pay the bills.. The issue is whether public servants should have collective bargaining rights over their public servant employers. One is either a public servant or not. A servant necessarily serves at the employers discretion. Otherwise out you go. The implications of this Wisconsin battle has deep ramifications for the whole idea of central government.

For the record, I love the smell of burning collective bargaining rights.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Government Unions : Super Citizens

Wisconsin is having trouble reining in state unions. Facing a budget deficit, Governor Scott wants give backs and layoffs. The unions won't hear of it. They have assembled mean demonstrations and enlisted the help of other affiliated unions that are not involved in the layoffs or give backs. SEIU is the prime example of a union throwing its weight around in an effectively immoral way.

The unions are behaving like a criminal enterprise and should be prosecuted under RICO statutes. Imagine Lockhheed getting help from Ford to get a contract away from Boeing. Also if one works for the government, the strike right should not be available. Otherwise it's like a super citizenship. I.E. not only does the union worker administer policy but it can demand pay and benefits not available to the citizenship it supposedly serves. Rule by decree is not tolerated by tyrants or loud mouth union bosses and their friends in government.

P.S. President Obama has just released a statement that the Wisconsin people and their legislature are "assaulting unions". He's implying that he's not concerned with unions outrageous demands.

John Wilkes Booth dealt with another radical.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Germans Own New York Stock Exchange

The deal is done. The German Stock Exchange has bought the NYSE-lock, stock and Jew. What would Goebbels have made about this transaction? What about Hitler? What about all that carnage when all the Reich had to do was outproduce the decandant democracies of Europe and America? It looks like race does matter. Multiculturism and all the fucking, greedy, immoral attorneys that inforce "all are equal" jingoism have ruined people and cultures. Nothing is better than personal responsibility and hard work. Don't bother educating, or giving foreign aid to or occupying other peoples lands.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jeopardy & IBM's Watson

Last night the Jeopardy game show featured IBM's "Watson" super computer as a contestant. It was matched against two all-time winners on the show. It tied one of the contestants. So the first night of three was a draw between man versus the machine. To make a long story short, it had answers but it didn't understand some of the questions. I.E. some of the answers were non sequitors and didn't address the question . The machine couldn't be trusted .

Watson resembles politicians. We elect politicians to do things for us that we can't do for ourselves. But the pols turn out to be watsons who don't or refuse to fix the problems and just give out no- follow- through campaign pledges. The politians can't be trusted.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cityville, Pokerstars & Osama bin Laden

I wonder if from time to time Osama bin laden or some of his followers play a few hands of Texas Hold'em on Pokerstars. com? (Do C.I.A operatives use agency slush funds to play?) Does North Korea's Kim Jong Il or any of his cadre participate in Zynga's Farmville? Would it be hopeful that they did? Or would it be more hopeful that the popularity of these two social network sites would gradully decline in popularity to be replaced with a renewed interest in real world?

P.S. The German stock exchange has made a $25 billion dollar for the New York Stock Exchange. That price is about half of the valuation that Goldman Sachs placed on Facebook! Should Facebook make a counter offer to the NYSE or should Facebook be a short sale on its stock offering debut?

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bill Gates is Seriously Naive

Bill Gates was interviewed by Charlie Rose last night for one hour. He basically said the same thing in many different ways for the entire hour. Is he autistic? But that's beside the point. What he said and continued to maintain was,"Healthier families in Africa are the best way to limit population growth on that continent."

Say what? The man is seriously naive. It's this way Bill. Stop feeding and helping people who wont limit their population. Otherwise your problem just gets bigger and the people you are trying to help just keep getting worse off.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

George W. Bush and the End of Neoconservatism

George W. Bush by his actions has effectively ended neoconservatism as a viable strategy. The useful moron to the neoconservatives has proven to be the instrument of the rejection of neoconservatism in the Middle East. Turning the little idiot loose with the military to invade Afghanistan and Iraq has brought swift reactions. One by one ,Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Afghanistan , Iraq, Palestinians and others have distanced themselves from U.S. and the neoconservatives. The people in the streets have revolted against their Western bribed leaders to advance more representative government. Probably many will come up with an Islamic Republic as per Iran. Which brings up a question. Who will we sell arms to? Will we sell/give arms to Egypt with the Islamic Brotherhood represented in government? Which brings up another question. Will our military-industrial warmongers want to sell to Islamic Republics? What will the Israel lobby tell state governors about denying sales to Egypt which will impact jobs in their locales? Next to go will be Israel. It will either bend to a two state solution or disappear.

I wonder What W. thinks? Maybe he says to himself, " What me worry?"

P.S. Today, February 7, the Associated Press is carrying the story George W. Bush scheduled speech in Switzerland before the United Israel Appeal was canceled. A number of protest groups including Amnesty International have filed for W.'s arrest and arranged for "shoe throwing demonstrations" for his alledged war crimes. The reineactmentment of shoe throwing episode is in rememberance of a brave Iraqi journalist who's only way of protesting the crude cretins presence at an Iraqi news conference some years ago was to toss his shoes.

W. must have a hint how pathetic he is when only parasitic Zionists are your supporters.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

American Foreign Policy in Shambles: It's Miller Time

Riots in Africa, Hezbollah is running Lebanon, allies Afghanistan and Pakistan want us out of their respective countries, rulers of Saudi Arabia don't want to be seen with us public, Iran and Iraq want us of their affairs , Israel is surrounded and afraid to make a squeek. Could it get any worse? Actually it's OK. Actually it's Miller Time. With the change in Congress and our pockets nearly empty , it's time for a new direction.

Bring the troops home from every overseas station including Europe. No foreign aid. Any food hand outs have to be coupled with birth control considerations. Quid pro quo. Circle the wagons in the U.S.. We can occupy and defend our country. That's all anyone should ask for and be happy with. Tell the freeloaders around the world and their supporters in Congress to get lost.