Monday, June 11, 2012

New Book " Confront and Conceal" Isn't New

The New York Times reporter David Sanger's Best Seller ," Confront And Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars And Surprising Use of American Power" is causing hands to wring. Or so Sanger's publicist tells us. The book lifts a veil that hid America's partnership with Israel in using constructive acts of cyber-war against Iran's nuclear program. So? Has Sanger forgot about the preemptive war of choice on Iraq? George W. Bush and Congress have backed a preemptive war policy. That effectively gives the Office of The Presidency unlimited power to take our country to war. War is too importatnt to be allowed by only one person. Even if that person is backed by Congress. War should only be allowed if a National referendum is taken of the electorate.

More and more of these preemptive wars may invite assassinations of members of our government.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

New Vampire Movie Plot : Vampires Should Try A Little Tenderness

The peculiar tastes of vampires has long been documented . Bram Stoker's 'Dracula" was actually predated by ancient references to vampires going back to the Greeks. Wouldn't you suspect that a Greek was there first?  Today our meager culture has a vibrant vampire fixation.There is a sensationalistic tidal wave of vampire entertainment offerings . It may be about blood but it is also about sex. And it is also about male and female relationships. Isn't time we faced these facts in a more adult fashion and with less violence particularly male violence against women?  Why don't the impresarios of the vampire experience offer a twist on the whole meilieu of vampires and blood and violence and sex phenom? How about a vampire who adjusts his appetite to womens blood only during their menses? With the collection point at the obvious. At that point the gals wont mind what the guy looks like or what he's up to because it works for the woman at different levels. Plus the gals are not roughed up and the whole affair is sustainable.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Facebook's Zuckerberg: Shakespeare's Classic Jew

The Wall Street Journal today is carrying an article about Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook exploring allowing 13 year olds and younger having an account on the social media site. But it would require an adult supervision entry AND access to an adult controlled credit card.. Last November Zuckerberg settled a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision . It stipulated that for a period of 20 years Facebook would not violate privacy laws of its users. Yet he wants access to children. He's desperate for sales growth.

I'm reminded of the classic Jew in literature. Shakespeare's "Merchant Of Venice" featured Shylock. He loaned to local Ventians at high rates of interest and in one case had a pound of his borrowers flesh pledged as collateral. Zuckerberg might be worse than Shylock. Shylock actually used his own money to lend to Antonio. But Zuckerberg was accused of stealing the Facebook idea from two friends at Harvard. Interestingly two weeks ago Facebook offered a service wereby donor body parts availability and requests could be advertised on the site. Faux pas? One thinks of the the Jewish blood libel. Poor Mark. He doesn't know any better and doesn't care how it looks. Only his mothers opinion counts.

Zuckerberg has quite a resume. Accused of stealing a business, wanting to sign up pre teens with access to credit cards for his social media site and advertising body parts. Individually these characteristics are shared by many. But all in one person speaks of Shakespeare's classic Jew.

Deflation: No More Price To Earnings Ratio

In the future there will be no equity markets as we know them today. Corporations will trade at book value or less.That's because money will be scarce. Consequently barter will be more efficient . Price to earnings ratio will vaporize. But it will be a much better enviornment to live ONCE we get there.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Raise Money To Combat Obesity: Hang Mayor Bloomberg In Effigy

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has put forward a proposal to ban the sale of 16 ounce sugary soft drinks at restaurants in the city. He uses as his reason the fact that at least half of all city residents are overweight or obese.  He blames the sellers of the beverages. He doesn't mention that more than half of the half of all the overweight or obese people are non- white and many are city workers or are in receipt of monthly income assistance.. Rather than administratively prohibit  what food or drinks recipients of cash handouts can buy . Or impose a ban what city workers can eat or drink while on a city time clock, he choose to use a  far reaching city ordinance on people whether they be overweight or not. Isn't that so democratic? Ergo isn't that so stupid by definition?

How much do you want to fight obesity in New York and at the same time express your negative feelings about Mayor Bloomberg? I have a suggestion. How about we raffle off the right to throw a bucket of sugary water in the face of the little nanny. If that doesn't raise enough money money, how about we raffle off the right to hang him in effigy in Times Square? The proceeds will be used for hiring athletic fitness trainers to force march the overweight and obese three times a week for three hours. If herat attacks occur during the march, none of the first fifty will be tended to. This is based on the statistical evidence they would have probably died on their couch anyway -with or without exercise.