Wednesday, June 06, 2012

New Vampire Movie Plot : Vampires Should Try A Little Tenderness

The peculiar tastes of vampires has long been documented . Bram Stoker's 'Dracula" was actually predated by ancient references to vampires going back to the Greeks. Wouldn't you suspect that a Greek was there first?  Today our meager culture has a vibrant vampire fixation.There is a sensationalistic tidal wave of vampire entertainment offerings . It may be about blood but it is also about sex. And it is also about male and female relationships. Isn't time we faced these facts in a more adult fashion and with less violence particularly male violence against women?  Why don't the impresarios of the vampire experience offer a twist on the whole meilieu of vampires and blood and violence and sex phenom? How about a vampire who adjusts his appetite to womens blood only during their menses? With the collection point at the obvious. At that point the gals wont mind what the guy looks like or what he's up to because it works for the woman at different levels. Plus the gals are not roughed up and the whole affair is sustainable.

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