Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Does Jason Collins Think About Jerry Sandusky?

All the media mice are gushing  about NBA Jason Collins coming out of the closet or the locker room proclaiming his gay credentials.Well, " la de la". So what's that mean for the rest of us? I guess the implication is that one can be a homosexual and still demonstrate superior athletic ability over the mostly heteros one meets on a basketball court or gridiron or baseball diamond or any contentious turf one could mention. It's a tacit validation of homosexuality for all and a beckoning to children who are thinking about a sexual homosexual experience.

It wasn't too long ago that disgraced Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was vilified in the press for having sexual encounters with numerous "underage" athletes who were left in his hands to learn of winning football techniques. How many of those "underage" boys lured Sandusky? After all the testimony elaborated long periods of "abuse". If it was abuse then why didn't some one say "ouch" or "stop"? We are well into 40 plus years of championing gay rights. We teach gay life styles in schools.So what's a child to do if the press and his teacher is telling them that's it's OK to try alternative homosexual sexual experiences? Actually you could be regarded as a bigot if you don't give homosexuality a chance!

Did Jason Collins have his own Jerry Sandusky- type coach?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

World Peace Grand Bargain; China & United States Should Bomb North Korea & Israel Nuclear Capabilities

World peace is threatened. No it's not Iran. Iran  is not the problem. The obvious problems are North Korea and Israel. North Korea is China's cat paw. Israel is America's cat paw. The U.S. is the worlds largest economy and China is in second place. By definition these two countries have the most to lose if the DPRK and/or Israel unleash a regional war. Quickly that could turn into a world wide war that no one could predict the far reaching possibilities in destruction  and economic dislocation.. The U.S. and China have enough military strength to pacify N.Korea and Israel .So with motive and opportunity, China should take out North Koreas nuclear capability. Likewise the United States should take out Israel's nuclear capabilities. Isn't the greater good worth this?

The alternative is for a very young Kin Jong Eun to remain in power.Can any one see him growing old in the job? He should be neutralized. As with the Zionists, can any one see these rabid people ever being civilized? The Romans knew how to handle them.Learn from history.