Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Who Do You Trust? Covid-19 Or Governor Gavin Newsom?

In government, it always comes to "Who do you trust?" Do you trust a ultra progressive politician California Governor Gavin Newsom who favors political "victims" because of votes? Or do you trust covid-19 which is dispassionate about it's victims and let's the chips fall where they may? My trust is in covid-19. It's doing the best it can. It's refreshing.

Thursday, December 17, 2020


VICE PRESIDENT ELECT : KAMALA HARRIS. Definition of smarmy 1 : revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness a tone of smarmy self-satisfaction. 2 : of low sleazy taste or quality. Harris makes Hillary Clinton somewhat refined by comparison. Never thought I could say that. If Kamala and Hillary were original suffragettes, I doubt women would have got the vote. Both Harris and Clinton are condesending to their moron flock. They want to perpetuate ignorance.Unless Harris and Clinton are as moronic as thier flock and in fact don't know any better. Either way they are not worth feeding.

Friday, December 04, 2020

Miscegenation Laws May Be Useful To Colored Folks

Biden made an appointment this morning. It was a "woman of color" apponted to head the Office Of Management And Budget. First woman of color to head that office.Her name was Neera Tanden. She didn't look "colored". I know Sicilian men and women who are more swarthy. But it occurred to me that miscegenation laws might be useful to colored folks this time around. Since identity politics of the progressives has proven such a boon to African Americans, the nearly black Neera might be a an alert of whites tryng to game African American genes to get a boost up the political tree. You know. White marries colored for resume purposes. It's easier than claiming graduation honors from prestigous universities.Progressives should use colored crayons when making identity politics anouncements. It will be easier for other dog whistled progressives to rally 'round the latest sport on the evolutionary political tree.

Saturday, November 21, 2020


Political correctness in many ways denies or distorts reality. For example, if a person has problems coping, some politically correct advocates could say that society is to blame rather than the individual in question. What about a mirror? It reflects an image accurately. Could the tyranny of political correctness force removals of mirrors? It would be like burning books.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Loud Speaker Will Replace Civil Rights And Fiat Money

The presumptous Civil Rights Act Of 1964 enforces the passage from the Declaration Of Indepence that "all are created equal". It is funded by ever more fiat money so the law remains relavent . So much so that there exists an ever expanding bubble in the financial markets because of quasi monopoly money. At this rate it is apparant to me that our government in order to remain our government will in the end repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and stop printing money. The law and the monopoly money will be replaced by one loud speaker that only the government can use and broadcast.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Private Currency Backed by Ego Celebrities

The Amrican dollar has lost credibility. Perhaps private label currency could some how restore faith in fiat currency if celebrity egos lent their portarits and cachet to special editions.Picture this. Special gallary portarits of two or three celebs featured on a new twenty dollar note. For instance a Grammy themed group run of twenty billion featuring Taylor Swift, Jay Z and Bob Dylan. Maybe a thirty billion dollar run of rogues gallary fifty dollar note featuring Nasty Pelosi, Don Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Of course none of the celebs featured above will have any of their money at risk. It will be like what our government did with postage stamps.From flags to fags or iconic mountains to Dolly Partons private endowments.They say if you live long enough you will see everthing. At this rate of decline in our society ten years will be all one needs to see enough.

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Rothschild : Best And Worst of Times

The Rothschild Family are known in caricature as the Midas Family. Everything they touch turns to gold. Aristotle quipped, "...Midas died of starvation..."The implication was one can't eat food that turns to gold in your very hand. With a sunset of fiat money in view what will happen to the Rothschilds? They never had more money because of the drunken central banks around the globe but it comes at the expensive tab of a massive bubble. You see fiat money isn't gold.The Rothschilds are in actuality an extension of fiat money. Cosequently they are a fiat family. Barter will succed fiat money. Any individual personal abilities of the Rothschild Family that they can offer for lifes necessities? Buffett has the same problem.

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Governor Gavin Newsom Helps His Flock

....and California's Governor Gavin Newsom went amongst his flock... the diseased... the filthy...the homeless..... illegals....the LGBTQ+....the labor unions...and gave them all money and power... his legislation could bring on reparations to African Americans who were decendants of slaves from Afica...and the filthy street homeless were wondering if they would be invited to the house warming of his new three million dollar mansion....but Gavin turned his eyes away from the diseased homeless crazies... he pretended not to hear them..but Dave Geffen of Hollywood would be coming to the house warming with his transgender friend....and the media were wondering if the tranny would be wearing pink or blue?....Geffen would tell it the color when they were ready to leave and go to the was a mood thing....and Gavin was wondering if Bob Dylan would write a folk song about Gavin and Dave and the tranny and AIDS.....and Gavin said to himself..."this is good"

Thursday, June 11, 2020


Black lives matter. Of course they do. Other peoples properties matter. Of course they do. Which is more important? Other peoples properties matter more . Particularly when the BLM and other rioters loot and burn property and business's to advance their own "civil rights" agenda. That act of destruction has no justification. Why involve an innocent bystander? But they do and the reason is greed and no respect for the law. It seems the only act that unhappy blacks and their supporters remember is Civil War.And they have used that template from the late nineteenth century until the present twenty-first century to advance their causes.Why not? It's worked for over a hundred and fifty years.Don't give us what we want and we will loot and burn. They have gotten so arrogant that emasculated non blacks are thinking about firing their police . That's enough. If that happens then it will be left to vigilantes to stop the violence and maintain the peace.No more reading Miranda rights warnings.

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Shelter In Place, Leave Only To Riot Or Protest

George Floyd died On May 25. That's almost two weeks ago. Prior to that day America was in a shelter-in- place directive by health officials backed up in varying degrees by local, state and federal governments. But then Floyd died on May 25th. But it then became OK to ignore the health directive and leave one's shelter to protest or riot. What happened to the threat of the coronavirus? One person died -George Floyd because of mishandled police work. And then large parts of the country are vandalized. Some people died in the riots. Many stores were driven out of business because of rioters. In short the protest riots did more damage than the corona virus ever thought of doing. Here we are two weeks later. Any resurgence of Covid-19 because of the crowding of people in the streets. I have not heard or read of any such new break out. But the riots and protests still go on and are scheduled into the months of the calendar ahead.In short the only ones to really have lost are the law abiding ones who followed the law and stayed in their shelter while the dog whistle loonies are in the street making life more difficult for the law abiders by erasing business locations that were their only hope.

Sunday, May 31, 2020


Deoxynbonucleic Acid. DNA for short. The fifteen letter word basically is long for acid . Acid is corrosive . DNA is in all living things. In short the acid organizes our life styles.It combines and recombines and interacts with other organisms that also combine and recombines. The net of this is necessarily not pretty.We eat. Necessarily that equates to culling and eliminating other organisms. Sometimes we get culled and consumed while trying . Nothing is for sure. Change is inevitable.With acid as a basis in our DNA, we as a species and in the greater metaphysics are inherently unstable. Because if acid is anything it is certainly corrosive. Corrosive by definition changes things and is changed. That's why we riot.

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Catching up on last nights rioting score card showed quite a few drivers of automobiles who were trapped by protestors accelerating and "running the protestors down".All cars were in the streets where they should be . The "run down " protestors were in the street also instead of being on the sidewalks where they should be .What would I do if protestors advanced toward my vehicle in a menacing way? I would get the hell out of the area as fast as possible. So somebody might get injured? It's either them or me.It's not going to be me if I can help it. Looks like vigilantes may be reemerging in this free for all lawless environment.Sounds like a sound self defense tactic. A business opportunity could be investing in a 24/7 car wash when you need to destroy DNA evidence.

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Federal Reserve Fiat Money And Tissue Shortage.

The Fed announced this morning trillions of new money being printed to support the economy.We really don't have an "economy" we have a game of fiat money distorting reality. Economies live on skills and work. Fiat money nurtures fianciers. Rather nurture an economy . Rather give rodenticide to Wall Streeters. The fed printing presses have increased output to the point of exacerbating shortages in paper products which includes tissue paper.Finally filthy lucre works in a bartered society and a financial society. Truly fungible.This proves that paper is a better store of value than fiat money.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Federal Reserve: Solitaire Monetary Policy

This morning the Federal Reserve announced a clearance sale on all fiat money that it has left. It will only be limited to how fast the transaction can be completed. By the looks of it a contra party signature may not be required nor any one to sign for the delivery of money in spite of even Amazon's requirement on some Prime Accounts transactions. The money is coming with sirens and it will go through red lights. Actually that's not new. The Modern Monetary Theory has been ignoring economic red lights for some time.Heard of the Modern Monetary Theory? It's distinction is that deficits don't matter and fiscal discipline is cast aside. The Fed spawned the Modern Monetary Theory by it's quantitive easing after financial meltdown in 2008.The Fed created the bubble that now has collapsed and the Fed is trying to reflate with yet another QE. Simply. We do not have an economy in the traditional meaning. We have an economy based on Federal manipulation using fiat money. Our economy is now tied to a federal reserve game of solitaire that it cheats at. The fed claims to be independent of congress. That's another way of describing the fed as outside legal jurisdiction. That's a convenience enjoyed by congress itself. The fed covers up bad congressional policies by just printing more money.Congress and the fed do the devils work.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Denny's Restaurant has recently introduced Prime Rib Omelette for breakfast. The management of the giant fast food vendor is slaughtering relative noble animals to feed human obesity.Climate change isn't the real problem. Too many people are the problem.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020


The owner of the New York Stock Exchange is Intercontinental Exchange. ICE for short. ICE is in the news today as a bidder for EBAY. Ebay is the electronic flea market. Wall Street is scratching it's head why? I think ICE wants to add to its flea market exchange another type of exchange. With EBAY's established infrastructure it would be easy for ICE to offer an exchange of bartered goods and services. I.E. people who have goods and services for sale could now offer the same to other similarly positioned venders in a cash free transaction--barter. Could ICE offer on the same EBAY platform a facility for exchanging NYSE listed stocks to all comers for goods and services also? With fiat money available for the asking people would want more value for their real goods and services.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Who or what is the deep state? Does it even exist? I think the deep state conspiracy advocates have it wrong.It's like blaming some force or person for one's own bad luck. Bad luck is one thing but most adversities are the result of one's own poor judgement. How many people of any age will honestly own up to personal bad judgement? We all want less war. Yet war continues. So according to deep state conspirators there must be a hidden group that controls real time events that always starts wars. For example, the military-industrial complex is a suspect member in the forever war agenda of the directors of the deep state. War has been going on since the word was first used and then translated into other languages from the distant past till the present day. Do you think the same family or friends from the first day the word "war" entered the lexicon are still in charge? No. I think that the deep state is a kind of bogey man that humans dream up to blame for the results of their poor judgement.Put more simply, deep state is the other side of two-faced politicians responding to two-faced presidents.

Friday, January 10, 2020


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said today she is sending Articles Of Impeachment to The Senate next week. What will Iran choose to be the best strategy to put Trump into real jeopardy of losing his job? What bait would Iran use to set a trap ? Should Iran or it's proxies launch an attack on American forces or it's "allies" before or after the trial in the Senate ? I would think the trap should commence before the trial begins. Proxies of Iran should be used.The target or targets should not be American forces. The targets should be Saudi Arabia and Israel. Neither country is vital to the United States. And more importantly both countries are loathed by the rest of the planet. Then Trump would be damned if he did launch an attack on Iran for the safety of non vital interests and could be legitimately be labeled irresponsible leadership .And if he didn't swallow the bait and didn't react to save the Zionists or the Saudis then the Neocons and the larger military-industrial would suffer a major blow and could shift American mideast policy to more disengagement.

Saturday, January 04, 2020


Just when you think that Trump had exhausted bad manners, he kills a very important Iranian in Iran's government with the aplomb of a Mafioso don. And by that barbaric act invites WW III. Don Trump doesn't get it. So how does the anti-war world get the notice of the United States and it's psycho president? Or in other words does any one besides Trump want WW III despite what he claims? America has one huge vulnerability. It needs money. It needs lots of money. So much so that the Federal Reserve has to buy it's own bonds in the open market because there isn't enough demand from other nations. So in the interest of world peace every United States bond buyer should boycott funding America's war machine by not participating in U.S. Government auctions. Interest rates would sky rocket immediately. And only then would American voters have to choose between war and peace. Right now we have it both ways. That goes against nature. So let's get in step with natures rhythms and capabilities and cut out the budget of the Pentagon . I'm tired of voting for peace and getting yet another war from both party's presidents.HELP.Sanction America before Trump kills again. P.S. our commander-in-chief has broken faith with our armed forces by his irresponsible criminal behavior.Therefore our soldiers have no moral or legal obligation to obey his orders. Sit out this mideast folly and send a loud message of "no" to Trump's invitation of slaughter.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020


Where's Bloomberg? Brainwashed progressives have a possible Trump slayer but Bloomberg is on the bench. I'm not a fan of Bloomberg's liberal credential but I'm fed up with reckless Trump foreign policy and irresponsible spending with fiat money. So I choose Bloomers as political poison lite. We can always get a Bloomberg slayer later.Bloomberg should be on the debate stage talking about real policy issues like stoping endless wars and bringing fiscal discipline to Washington.Those two issues alone are possible Trump killers. The subjects are more important than adding another letter to the LGBTQ acronym or expanding benefits to illegals. The real vulnerability of Trump is his insane foreign policy lurches.His withdrawal from the Iran nuclear treaty and favoring Israel uber alles are juvenile decisions that have the potential for WWIII. And by the way North Korea was teed up for a resolution but he didn't value that. He walked away from the table.On the other hand Bloomberg could address those issues in a completely opposite way than Trumps actions. Bloomberg could promise a reentering of the Iran treaty. Bloomberg could promise North Korea an immediate elimination of sanctions in return for substantive renegotiations .Bloomberg could also quasi slap Israel in the face by promising a real peace process toward the Palestinians with the threat of an embargo of aid to Israel. What do we have to lose? I guess we will find out if Bloom gets in. But four more years of Trump could be worse. Trump did do a lasting chore that will pay off for years to come for which I'm grateful. He packed the Supreme Court with conservatives.The Civil Rights Act of 1964 will hopefully be dismantled by judicial sanity.