Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Who or what is the deep state? Does it even exist? I think the deep state conspiracy advocates have it wrong.It's like blaming some force or person for one's own bad luck. Bad luck is one thing but most adversities are the result of one's own poor judgement. How many people of any age will honestly own up to personal bad judgement? We all want less war. Yet war continues. So according to deep state conspirators there must be a hidden group that controls real time events that always starts wars. For example, the military-industrial complex is a suspect member in the forever war agenda of the directors of the deep state. War has been going on since the word was first used and then translated into other languages from the distant past till the present day. Do you think the same family or friends from the first day the word "war" entered the lexicon are still in charge? No. I think that the deep state is a kind of bogey man that humans dream up to blame for the results of their poor judgement.Put more simply, deep state is the other side of two-faced politicians responding to two-faced presidents.

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