Saturday, January 04, 2020


Just when you think that Trump had exhausted bad manners, he kills a very important Iranian in Iran's government with the aplomb of a Mafioso don. And by that barbaric act invites WW III. Don Trump doesn't get it. So how does the anti-war world get the notice of the United States and it's psycho president? Or in other words does any one besides Trump want WW III despite what he claims? America has one huge vulnerability. It needs money. It needs lots of money. So much so that the Federal Reserve has to buy it's own bonds in the open market because there isn't enough demand from other nations. So in the interest of world peace every United States bond buyer should boycott funding America's war machine by not participating in U.S. Government auctions. Interest rates would sky rocket immediately. And only then would American voters have to choose between war and peace. Right now we have it both ways. That goes against nature. So let's get in step with natures rhythms and capabilities and cut out the budget of the Pentagon . I'm tired of voting for peace and getting yet another war from both party's presidents.HELP.Sanction America before Trump kills again. P.S. our commander-in-chief has broken faith with our armed forces by his irresponsible criminal behavior.Therefore our soldiers have no moral or legal obligation to obey his orders. Sit out this mideast folly and send a loud message of "no" to Trump's invitation of slaughter.

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