Friday, November 20, 2015

Princeton , Woodrow Wilson, Racism & Revising History

Two-hundred and sixty-nine year old Princeton University announced a settlement today with ad hoc -less than a year old-Black Justice League to discuss removing President Woodrow Wilson's -1913-1921- name from the campus.This includes the Woodrow Wilson School of Public And International Affairs.A thirty-two hour sit-in ended at the President of Princeton Office President Christopher Eisgruber.He will hear the petition and try to find a way forward.The Black Justice League thinks Woodrow Wilson was a racist because he supported segregation. Segregation was legal at the time of Wilson's presidency. It was illegal after the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Who says Princeton cant give a well rounded education? The Black league students learned what they needed to know.Woodrow Wilson existed. Taking his name off public buildings is a definite revision of history.Suppose historians redacted Hitler from history books?The lessen of Hitler's policies would require an encore in real time to learn evil.The Black Group wants "affinity groups" established on campus.One would think that Princeton University was already the established affinity group that is most important-it teaches.Members of the Black Justice League should stop thinking their negro race was born pure. Their own distant relatives in West Africa sold family members to white slavers.Look at the Chicago ghetto today. The African jungle influence is is alive and thriving with the daily murders of Africans who are left alone.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

ISIS & Heavy Metal In Paris: Motive And Opportunity

Heavy metal in Paris.Eagles Of Death Metal were playing in Paris at the Bataclan Hall to a sold out audience.Enter ISIS. In less than an hour over 300 were dead or wounded.Motive? Heavy metal music by itself could of been the reason. But ISIS claims the attack was revenge for French bombing in Syria.Turnabout is fair play.Opportunity? France is most liberal country in European Union.Consequently their borders and policies are open to all.Rethink both those policies.France didn't call in an airstrike on Bataclan like they might of done in Aleppo or Homs, Syria.Too much expensive real estate and collateral death possibilities in downtown Paris.So what will be the French response? More bombing in Syria? What's left to bomb? It's almost an asteroid now.Last count estimated six to eight ISIS operatives carried off this coup. Probably the whole enterprise cost couple of thousand dollars and the lives of 6-8 throw away people.France's immediate losses ramp into the millions on top of years of peace keeping/bombing runs in Middle East.You do the math.It wont work as a business nor a winning war strategy.ISIS in Middle East has short inexpensive logistics. They are fighting in their homelands.Extermination by the West?We can't kill that fast nor that expansively.We in U.S. experienced 9/11? Did we learn?No.