Wednesday, April 30, 2008


About a month ago the Center for Disease Control issued a report that 1 in 4 teenage girls across all races had a STD -sexually transmitted disease. In spite of that grim news, 15 year old Miley Cyrus who stars in Disney's "Hannah Montana" did a sexually suggestive photo shoot for the cover of "Vanity Fair". Miley was encouraged by her parents. The photo shoot was under the direction of Annie Leibovitz of "nude Marilyn Monroe" fame.

I don't know who has handled Miley in her short 15 years. I don't know who will handle Miley before she gets out of her teens in the next 4 years. But to all with an idea to play, a question," Do you feel lucky?"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cow Pelosi Says,"MOO. How Much And Where?"

Speaker Cow Pelosi is fashioning a paddy filled with $178 billion in war funding that Farmer Bush will toss at the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. There is even enough money to fund the wars for SIX MONTHS of the next president's term. That's provided that Farmer Bush doesn't use the extra funding to kick off an Iran invasion. Gee, I wonder if Cow Pelosi has thought of that possibility?

So that's what the Demcratic oppostion has come to after taking control of Congress in 2006. The voters did their part but the Cow and her Castrated Bull in the Senate didn't do theirs. Moove over Cow Pelosi. You are part of the Iraq/Afghanistan slaughterhouse now.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bill Clinton: A Battered Husband?

Just when you think it couldn't get worse than Bush/Cheney. Along comes Hillary Clinton's bid for the Democratic nomination to become president. Her pandering and lying about her qualifications is long and well known. Whether it be the accusations that Barack Obama was close to the Underground Weathermen terrorist group. Although Obama was only 8 years old during their active years or the Bosnia sniper fire that she and Chelsea had to duck and run from at the airport in 1999. Archival films show her and daughter smiling and pressing the flesh on the way to refreshments.

But her latest threat if she is elected to order a U.S. massive retaliation that would "obliterate" Iran for an attack on Israel goes over the line. Not even Bush or Cheney talk about "obliteration". They speak of "targeted strikes at nuclear facilities". One can almost think hubby Bill may be a battered husband. Poor Bill hooked up with this greedy bitch. Or are they a match made in hell?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton Mulls Israeli Offer

After Hillary's 10 point Pennsylvania win, she scooped $3,000,000 in campaign contributions mostly from AIPAC. The rumor is it's partial thanks for the "obliteration of Iran" comment but also predictably in Zionist "what's next" greed, AIPAC proposes that if she's elected one of her first executive orders will be the selling of the "air rights" over the White House. The Zionists want to build a platform where an alternate meeting place for Israel's Knesset can meet. It's understood that fifth/filth columnist media mogul Mort Zuckerman will handle the details and the price to be ultimately paid. Both Hillary and Mort agree that the price will be low because the U.S. cannot afford it since all Israeli state debts are ultimately forgiven anyway.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time To Expel The Zionists?

While we were sleeping, Israel and its Zionists operatives in government and the media were busy planning sedition and a war for the United States on behalf of the Jewish state. Here's a brief anatomy and time line of an Israeli policy-propaganda scheme:

April 11,2008: Charles Krauthammar, the Israel-linked columnist published a Washington Post op-ed titled "Holocaust Declaration". It reads, " It shall be the policy of the United States to regard any nuclear attack upon Israel by Iran or originating in Iran as an attack by Iran on the United States, requiring full retaliatory response upon Iran". He went on to clarify , " Every future president- and every serious presidential candidate- would have to publically state whether or not the Holocaust Declaration remains the policy of the United States".

(Krauthammar and Israel effectively want a a super-loyalty oath by the leader of the U.S. to make the world safe for Zionists and Israel no matter what policies they persue and no matter the consequences for America.)

April 16,2008: During the Philadelphia Demcratic Party debate:
Moderator George Stephanopoulos asked Senator Obama: " Would you [Obama] retaliate on Iran for an attack on Israel?"

Senator Obama answered: " I would consider an attack [ on Israel] by Iran as unacceptable and the United States would take appropriate action".

Moderator Stephanopoulos asked Senator Clinton the same question: " Senator Clinton, would you ?"

Senator Clinton answered: " Of course, I would make it clear to the Iranians that an attack on Israel would incur massive retaliation from the United States".

April 22, 2008 on " Good Morning America" .
Senator Clinton while campaigning in Pennsylvania said," I want the Iranians to know that if I'm president, we will attack Iran if in the next 10 years during which time Iran might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel we [U.S] would obliterate them [Iran]".

Here's a point of interest. The Constitution of The United States, Article II perscribes the Presidents Oath Of Office.
It reads:" I [president- elect states his/her name] do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability, preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States".

Israel is not the United States. Loyalty oaths to foreign countries particularly the rogue state of Israel is not part of the duties of the President as framed by the Oath of Office.It may be time to take more seriously the threat of the Zionists in America. Illegal immigrants are less of a threat than the well organized Zionist lobby. We deport illegal immigrants. It may be time to expel/deport Zionists.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Buyer Beware: International Equine Acquisitions Holdings

A couple of Wall Street hedge fund managers want to apply their experience in security management to a business plan that invests solely in race horses. International Equine Acquisitions Holdings has raised $40 million since 2003. It wants to raise another $60 million and go public by this years end. I.E.A.H. 's current biggest asset is Big Brown. He's a colt with bad feet who is a good bet to do well in the upcoming Kentucky Derby. He may win.

Hedge funds by definition have postions on the "long" and "short" side of the market. That's so if the market swings either way the hedge fund can hopefully participate profitably with the net of the portfolio outperforming competitors and the market. So Big Brown is the major "long" in the portfolio. If he doesn't do well or his feet flare up again he may have a short career. In that event the "long' will be of no value. There will be no bid. In contrast Wall Street type hedge funds that deal in stocks, bond and commodities usually have deep liquid markets to recover some portion of an investment if things go wrong. Not so with race horses if they can't race anymore.

What is I.E.A.H.'s "short" to offset the market risks of its "long" postions in fragile and largely depreciating race horses? There are none. Maybe it will be the investors who will come up short. Horse racing can be a brutal sport. It's been called the "sport of kings" because it takes wealth to participate and it extends care for animals whether they win or lose. But in fast money investing such as I.E.A.H's business model, horses that don't earn their room and board become a liability. So the poor animal may suffer a miserable fate just because it couldn't make a return on investment.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Speaking Your Mind As A Second Language

Today the San Francisco Chronicle carried yet again the bleak facts of black children who are born into poverty. It was based on the recently released report by the Alameda County Public Health Department. The black child would probably have been born prematurely versus his white counterpart. As an adult the black was more prone to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and would probably die 15 years sooner than a white .

Since the 1960s and the Civil Rights movement, people in America have had to practice the charade of " all are equal". It was more than just a casual observance. One could get sued or pilloried as politically incorrect for failure to fall in line. Well the charade has been going on for such a long time that later generations have been so dumbed down by this "all are equal" mantra that many, too many actually believe it! So when facts about the above black child are documented, these dumb people look for others to blame. They blame prejudice, neighborhoods, income differences, schools, books, landfills etc. ad nauseam.

Well how about denying this lie of equality? How about saying "all are known by their differences"? Some are smarter, some work harder, some dont get diabetes , strokes etc. because they eat good food and exercise regularly. In the case of the above black child, he was " born into poverty". Why did his moronic parents have additional children ?

Everyone should at least once a day practice speaking one's mind. Maybe if we all do that often enough we can get critical thinking and speaking from a second language to mainstream.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

U.S.Affluence Produces Overpaid Executives And Obesity

Last year George Soros took home $2.9 billion. He was only one of many . Many say that sum is excessive. I agree. Last year there were app. 200 million overweight/obese people in America. Many say that sum is excessive. I agree.

Is there a basic reason in U.S. culture that produces both phenomena? Yes there is. It's America's grossly affluent society. In the case of of excessive compensation, the piles of money are available if an executive gives up pursuing or enjoying most every thing else in life. In the case of obese people, an unhealthy lack of physical exercise and over eating the wrong kind of foods while spending time watching TV or playing video games is available because of the relatively small demand put upon people to earn a living. I.E. you can be as lazy as you want if you are willing to give up most every thing else in life.

Our government prints too much money. Money is no substitute for personal effort.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jimmy Carter Is No Match For Zionists

Poor Jimmy Carter. He thought that Zionists were like most other humans. You know, like having the spirit of compromise, some charity, some compassion or some of anything that is not obsessive greed that leads to sedition. Zionists have been treated like persona non grata for all of recorded history. But Carter thought he saw something good in them. What a fool our former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner was. He brokered the 1978 Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel. Since then the U.S. has paid billions per year to both countries not to fight each other. Israel used that crack in the cupboard to gnaw billions more out of gullible and naive Americans. And what is worse Israel's lobby got the U.S. to try to remake the Mideast power and demographic map in Israel's favor. The Iraq War is but one and the latest example.

Carter is in the Middle East visiting regional leaders in an effort to fulfill his draem of a peaceful region. He also has plans to meet with the leader of the U.S./Israel branded "terrorist" organization Hamas. Carter believes that it is self-evident peace can only be achieved if all the players are at the table. But in a classic Zionist " what have you done for us lately" gesture, Israel has refused security assistance to U.S. secret service body guards. Also top Israel leadership has refused to meet with him because of the Hamas meeting.

Carter made a key mistake in the writing of the Camp David Accords. From 1967 to the 1978 signing of the Accords, Israel was illegally occupying Palestinian lands in the West Bank. Israel was carrying out a slow-motion genocide of the indiginous Palestinians. Carter should have demanded an Israeli pullout of those lands or no Camp David payday. But that's history. And we all have 20/20 vision in retrospect.

But when one is dealing with Zionists, one need only refer to history and see what other countries were up against and how they handled the problem.

Monday, April 14, 2008

U.C.Regents Chairman Richard Blum:Wrong Man For Job

Today the San Francisco Chronicle carried a front page article written by Tanya Schevitz about University of California Regents Chairman Richard Blum. He's been on the board since 2002 but was moved up to the Chairmans slot last year. The article was supposed to be favorable but the facts that were used seemed to indicate otherwise. Baiting-terms like " alpha dog", "gangbusters style" and " [Blum's] streamlining the university bloated headquarters structure" fell short . For example, Blum's so-called "accomplishments"include making it easier to have private donors pay for U.C. projects! Oh yea he also got the banks to increase U.C. credit line to $10 billion from $1 billion.

So where's the beef? Or I should say "Where's the cut in the fat?" The article points out that there are 179,000 U.C. employees for the 209,000 students. They must be bumping into each other. I guess one way to tell the difference between them is the student has a hurried, concerned look whereas the employee has a relaxed look because the U.C. job over pays and it's damn near impossible to lose your job.

Blum is Senator Diane Feinstein's husband. He's parlayed her connections into lucrative military contracts and has profited from base closing a.k.a. real estate swindles where the U.S. taxpayer comes up short. So Dickie Blum is the last person who is going to make waves about over paid bureauacracies . And so the U.C. system will get fixed when problems like Blum get fixed.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Zionists Now Run Buckley's National Review

Bill Buckley will be missed. To borrow the boxing term, he was the journalistic equivalent of "the great white hope". His magazine " National Review" and his TV "Firing Line" series articulately and wittingly faced and commented persuasively against the liberal challenges of the day. But he's gone at age 82.

Who will take his place? Who will run "National Review" ? Sadly 2 Israel-first Zionists have the top editor's slots. Jay Nordlinger is senior editor and Rich Lowry is managing editor. Both have constantly supported Irving and William Kristol, Elliott Abrahms, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and the many other Zionists in positions of power in U.S. government or the media. The object of their support is to make America a partner in Israel's Zionism. Zionists are to Jews what Nazis were to Germans.

Both Nordlinger and Lowry have been at their respective NR postions for some time including long before the passing of William Buckley. Their proximity to Buckley only shows how weak he must have become. It's a social maxim that the proximity of Zionists is directly proportional to the weak or bad character of a person or state.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Time For Ironic Trial & Execution Of Bush & Cheney ?

Since the decision to go to war in Iraq came BEFORE the reasons, how about an execution of Bush and Cheney first and then an impeachment trial of both in absentia second?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Simple Solution To The World Food Crisis

If it's one thing that liberals or politically correct types can't stand is a simple or obvious answers to a problem. Simple answers preempt the preferred complicated, costly ones that liberals relish.

The latest challenge is for a simple or costly answer to the world's food cost and availability crisis. United Nation reports show that Nigerians spend 73% of their income on buying food, Vietnamese spend 65%, Indonesians pay out 50% and the poor Hatians have almost no money to spend on almost no available foodstocks. One thing these underfed people have in common is they continue to breed and have multiple children. And thus they perpetuate the dismal cycle.

So what's to be done? Should the world plant more crops and build up more dependancy for irresponsible parents and then include their children in an open ended support cycle? We tried that already. It doesn't work. How about we just say "no" to more food and aid unless the dumb mokeys say "no" to more children?

Monkeys in the jungle have more sense than these people. And we become as dumb as the Nigerians etc. if we perpetuate their cycle of misery.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Diana, Princess Of Wales, Killed Herself

After six months of hearings and testimony from 278 witnesses, a British jury found Diana's car-crash death " was caused or contributed to by the speed and manner of the driver of [Diana's] Mercedes and the speed and manner of the following [Papparazzi's] vehicles".

Maybe if Diana was more attentive to her chauffeur's performance rather than the performance of boyfriend Dodi al Fayed's groping etc. she would be still alive. Character is fate.

Monday, April 07, 2008

General Petraeus: Opinions From A Surrounded General

General Petraeus will report to Congress soon about the state of the Iraq War. Here's a question that someone on the panel of pols should ask. " Pardon me General but why should we listen to you when you are already surrounded in the Green Zone and at the mercy of low tech mortar and missle fire?".

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mayor Gavin Newsom: Counterculture Alien

" What kind of government do you have in America?" . It was said that was the first question 19th century Irish immigrants asked when arriving on U.S. soil. And before they got an answer, the Irish immigrant would declare, "Because I'm again' it".

Meet Mayor Gavin Newsom. He's a line-bred hard-headed Irish politician who is pissing on San Francisco and American culture. Undaunted by his homosexual marriage fiasco, he now is now taking the "sanctuary city"status of San Francisco to a new lower level. I.E. despite a weak economy and looming city employee cuts and cuts in services to legal residents and an increase in parking fees and a decrease in dining out because of the City's health insurance tax etc. the mayor wants to spend $83,000.00 to reach out to prospective illegals. He will advertise in various languages including, Chinese, Russian, Hispanic, Vietnamese and English what the City has to offer for free and without the worry of being turned into the Federal immigration authorities.

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to live. Where will the illegals live and work? The mayor's sense of timing must be making the demcratic leadership in the state and the country very nervous. His homosexual marriage initiative was part of the reason that Bush got elected a second time. Newsom is a much an illegal alien as the folks he invites to come to the city. He doesn't respect the laws and culture of the City and the nation.

I'm reminded of our former Mayor George Moscone, a degenerate also but he was of Italian heritage, and his fate at the hands of assassin Dan White. It was refreshing.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Last year Exxon Mobil's profit was a staggering $ 40.6 billion. That was only one oil company. Was there price gouging in the oil industry? Probably. Should the U.S. fix abusive price gouging with central planning and profit controls? Has anyone met a central planner a.k.a. civil bureaucrat that was competent, value added and more interested in you rather than keeping his or hers own job?

How about an exciting free market entertainment experience and tutorial on the challenges and rewards of less gas consumption ? How about NASCAR and IRL approaching Big Oil to at least double the prize money awarded during the racing season? The extra purse would be called a holistic prize . I.E the extra money would go to the fastest average speed coupled with the lowest consumption of gas. Both NASCAR and IRL would add a new interest in the competition and Big Oil could polish its public image with chump change contributed to the holistic prize money.

Speed does not seem to be the only focus of the 275 million fans that follow races on television. Talladega averages 188 mph while Infenion averages 81 mph. Racing tactics and use of the brain plays a more important role. And what could be smarter than winning more with less? The holistic prize approach would certainly invite innovation in different fuel use and surely hybrids. Also the fans could be reached in an effective and educating way.