Sunday, December 30, 2007

Siberian Tiger & Chaos At San Francisco Zoo?

News services report " chaos " at the S.F. Zoo during the recent death of one, mauling of two and the killing of the culprit the rare Siberian Tiger "Titania". What " chaos "? The death of the first victim and the death of the Tiger all happened in 20 minutes. That's pretty efficient and fast by jungle standards.

What is truly the result of chaos is that there are only 600 Siberian Tigers in the wild while there are app. 6.6 billion humans who ravage the planet at their leisure. More chaos will follow when the lawsuit will over value the human carnage while the tiger will only be garbage.

William Kristol Columnist At " The Jew York Times"

Look who is replacing defamed Judith Miller at the NYT. It's Bill Kristol the Zionist/Neocon . Bill will write a weekly column pushing the plans of the Israeli fifth and or filth column. He will be more efficient than Miller because while Judy had to wait for material from Cheney/Libby et al, Bill will get it directly from Tel Aviv.

The paper should change it's name to " The Jew York Times". It's more honest.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Mike Huckabee: Time To Exclude Evangelical Christians From Public Office

Evangelical Christian and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee warned ," We must be alert and monitor Pakistanis that come to the U.S.". This xenophobic response was given at a press conference in West Des Moines, Iowa yesterday when asked about his thoughts on the asassination of Benazir Bhutto. He didn't mention that her embrace of U.S. interference in Pakistan's politics was the probable cause of her death. No this religious looney wants to continue America's failed foreign policy that is partially supported by evangelical christian extremists of which Bush and Huckabee are members.

Church and state shouldn't mix. It's time to exclude from consideration evangelical christian extremists from public office on the premise it would require a lobotomy or death to free up an evangelical from his or hers religion. They are as looney as the Islamic jihadists who also share the lack of maturity to lead a nation.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Zoos, Tigers & Other Endangered Species

Yesterday a visitor to the San Francisco Zoo was killed and two others were mauled by a rare Siberian Tiger who got out of his caged area and was later killed by police. A sorrowful experience all the way around.

What should be the purpose of a zoo? I think that the zoo's highest use is for captive breeding programs for endangered species so the animals can be released back into the wild. Caged animals being stared at by humans does not justify the expense and the quasi, slow-motion torture of imprisoned beasts.

Monday, December 24, 2007

John McCain: Another Irishman In The White House?

McCain is "surging" in New Hampshire. Next stop White House? Please. No. We already have a paranoid, hard-headed Irishman in there now.

Political & Financial Influence From Sovereign Wealth Funds

Merrill Lynch is in the news today. It will receive an equity-cash infusion of $6.2 billion from Sinapore's Temasek Holdings. Temasek is a sovereign wealth fund. That is defined as a fund which is managed by a foreign country. Merrill's transaction follows other recent investments from China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi into equity investments of other ailing, cash-strapped institutions.

Gee, where's Israel when you need her? I guess Israel's game is to only take cash and give the finger in return. But with real money coming from other countries to prop up our financial errors it will naturally follow that Israel's power in our government will be challenged by these same foreign countries on other issues including the middle east. It's about time.

General David Petraeus, Fox Neocon News & Secrets Of Surge " Success"

Fox's Neocon chautauqua-news staged an implied Victory In Iraq award ceremony on Sunday.The host asked Gen. David Petraeus if he planned to seek the presidency after his recent pacification of Iraq.

The General said, " No". And why should the General be proud of this type of "military victory"? After all the secret of the success of the " surge" was simply to pay Sunnis $10.00 per day to fight al-qaeda or stay at home. That's $3.00 per day more than they were on average earning during the Saddam era. Also the other secret of the success of the surge was the Iranian savior faire to reign in Shiite militias so Bush could have a smelly fig leaf to hide behind in exchange for an implied no U.S. bombing of Iran position.

The pity of it all was the Iraq War was a war of choice and only made things worse for American prestige and security in the future.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hillary Clinton: The Bitch Needs A Make Over

It must be true, I read it in " The New York Times". Hillary Clinton's handlers have launched a " a likability tour" according to the paper today. Yes, even Hill's inner circle admit that the bitch ( my term ) needs to kind o' appear more "caring". You know, convey empathy, unselfishness and honesty. This is going to be challenging since none of those traits come naturally. Even if they were there originally, her lenghty relationship with hubby- degenerate Bill would have worn them away long ago.

Isn't it strange that the Clinton campaign headquarters announced the makeover attempt so publically? It's like the people who will be impressed/duped don't read the papers much and would be surprised by the new Hillary. Also they dragged along Magic Johnson for extra publicity. He's the African-American ex-basketball player who tested positive for HIV. I guess his bona fide credentials reinforce the idea that the Clinton core support are people who may not read much and are in need of special treatment.

Africa: Hygiene, Overpopulation & The Future

The simple practice of hygiene seems to be beyond many in sub-Sahara Africa. The 25% of those 800 million Africans that are infected with HIV/AIDS is proof. And the corollary overpopulation that goes with unprotected sex underscores also. One wonders if the Africans don't get the concept of hygiene, what future do they have?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Will The U.S. Better Understand Another 9/11-Type Attack ?

The U.S. is providing real-time, intelligence assistance to Turkey in it's air strikes against Kurdish separatists in Iraq according to the news services today. Also in the news is more killing by our "ally" Israel of Gaza "militants". This is all taking place in the context of our slaughter of Iraq, sabre rattling against Iran and our instigating and support with weapons of various African war enterprises.

If , and I hope not, when or if another 9/11-type attack happens in the U.S. will we Americans better understand why it happened?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

J. P. Morgan Gambles On Movies

Mel Brook's motion picture " The Producers" lead character Max Bialystock says, " The two cardinal rules of producing are one never put your own money in the show." And Leo Bloom asks, " And number two?". This time Max yells, " Never put your money in the show."

Obviously Morgan execs haven't listened to Max's caveat because they just formed an Entertainment Advisors division. The object of the new division among other services is to invest stockholders money into the production of motion pictures! Talk about illiquid and/or dubious rated investments as per the recent subprime mess. By comparison subprime mortgage paper looks like the gold standard.

Gap Founder Donald Fisher Pissing On Culture

Don Fisher who founded the Gap dress-down chain now wants to parlay that into an art statement. He's proposing to build a modern/contempoary art museum on a premier piece of Presidio land. The design is an rudely-iconoclastic inappropriate "cubist" style. It will be starkly adjacent to 18th century Spanish architecture buildings.

No. It's not because he's Jewish that he pisses on the 18th century Spanish culture. But it probably plays a part.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

United States Is Israel's Stooge

Yesterday the U.S. pulled its draft of an U.N. Security Council resolution endorsing and seeking others to support and endorse the Annapolis peaces talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. Why was it pulled? First the Israelis weren't consulted and when they found out ,they objected to giving the U. N. a hand in the the process albeit a symbolic one.

Why do the Israelis hate the U.N.? Wasn't the crime of the partition of historic Palestine and the creation of Israel commited with the U.N.'s bogus authority? Well there have been many, many other resolutuions from the U.N. in subsequent years condemning Israel's illegal occupation and other atrocites. And as history has shown, when one deals with radical jews and zionists, the question is asked by them, " What have you done for us lately?"

And why should the U.S. listen to this crummy, rogue state? Well its because AIPAC and other pro-Israel organizations bribe our elected reps in Congress to never see the damage that Israel does. Ironically some of the money that the pro-Israel lobbyists use started as foreign aid money voted for Israel by these same members of Congress!

It's no mystery why the Zionists in recorded history have been the target of enslavement, expulsions or worse.