Saturday, March 15, 2014

Malaysia 370 And Bitcoins: Is There A Connection? Hijacking And Ransom Demand In Bitcoins

Malaysia Air Flight 370 has been missing for nine days. No trace. The more forensic facts come out the more they point to a well planned event. Particularly the fact about position-relaying electronic gear aboard the plane being turned off by hand. Could this be a kidnapping? How will the hijackers be paid? Bitcoins? Is there a connection between the Mt Gox bankruptcy because of a hacker or hackers looting the firm of nearly 500 million in stored Bitcoins and the planes disappearance and possible ransom demand of Bitcoins in payment? The kidnappers would benefit two ways. First their stash of one half billion in Bitcoins would appreciate because of this credible act of monetizing Bitcoins on a grand scale and also getting paid in an untraceable method.

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