Thursday, May 07, 2015

T. Rowe Price Group & Virtu: Gathering Evidence?

Why is T.Rowe Price Group which has $750 billion under its management giving stock orders to Virtu ? Virtu is the controversial high speed trading firm that the SEC and other legacy mutual funds have been scrutinizing for possible illegal trading practices.The trading practices in question are a new form of market manipulation that is in essence the illegal front running of customer orders.CEO Douglas Cifu recently announced the hook up with T.Rowe. He also added, "We'll see where it [pilot program] takes us.". Maybe he smells a rat? Maybe T. Rowe Price is gathering evidence?Give orders to Virtu and compare executions to non controversial brokers that also service T. Rowe? I would like to see Virtu run out of town. They are not value added except to themselves.

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