Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hedonist Felix Dennis: Deathbed Conversion

Felix Dennis recently passed away . He was 67. Considering his lifestyle staples of cocaine and booze which demonstrated the sine qua non for his type of counterculture writing and publishing which included pornographic takes on the children book "Rupert The Bear". But in the end those habits brought him a wretched death of cancer. And so an enlightenment occurred near his passing. He willed the bulk of the profits of his media empire which amounts to a significant portion of the gross $ 340 million per year to the reforestation of fifty thousand acres in England. Last year saw the millionth tree planted. It has become the largest contiguous tract of forest on the Isle. The tree was there all along. All the while Dennis was making a fool of himself , he ended up wanting to perpetuate the dignity of a tree.

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