Friday, November 10, 2006

neo-Nazis & Israelis: " Kristallnacht", Palestine & Lebanon

Yesterday neo-Nazis in Germany attacked Jewish memorials that commemorated the November 9, 1938 Nazi pogrom of Jews in Hitler's Germany. That pogram saw Nazi mobs destroy hundreds of Jewish synagogues across Germany and Austria. Also Jewish homes and shops were ransacked along with beatings and some deaths of Jews merely because they were Jewish. This horrible event has been come to be known as " Kristallnacht" or " Night of Broken Glass". It's interesting that the episode was named after lost or damaged home furnishings.

" Kristallnacht" and the subsequent Holocaust shows man at his worst. But crimes of genocide and against humanity are not the exclusive aberration of Nazis past or present. Only yesterday, the Israeli government shelled a populated area in the occupied territories of historic Palestine. Nineteen men, women and children were killed while they were in their beds. This barbaric incident brings the total of killed Palestinians to over 300 in the past 4 months. Over 200 were civilians. Also the Israeli slaughter of 1200 Lebanese this past September and the bombing of Lebanon's infrastructure which erased 20 years of recovery shows that evil lurks in all man but only waits for military superiority so to be set free.

When the Holocaust or " Kristallnacht" is brought up , I will bring up Palestine and Lebanon.

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