Monday, November 20, 2006

Can't Close Education Gaps : Good News And Bad News

Now as Congress looks at reauthorizing No Child Left Behind, reports are being published about results about the program so far. For instance, " The [educational] gaps between African-Americans and whites are showing very few signs of closing.", that is according to Michael T. Nettles, a vice-president at the Educational Testing Service.

Considering how far academic standards have been degraded in the pursuit of integrated education along with affirmative action, that news contains both postive and negative signs. It's negative that blacks still languish. But it is good because it shows an inflexion point in our education system that whites and Asians students can't or will not become anymore stupid to facilitate affirmative action and integration of schools based on political objectives rather than academic objectives.

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JoeSF said...

The primary public schools in the Sonoma Unified School District teach the entire class in Spanish. Finally American kids and immigrants in California have a chance to graduate equally dumb. No child gets ahead.