Monday, November 06, 2006

President Bush: Fool Of New York Times & Zionists

The N.Y.T editorial on Sunday implied that Pres. Bush has been the papers fool in pursuing the Iraq War. It said," was endorsing no Republican U.S. congressional candidate....because [the Republican-controlled congress] failed to hold President Bush accountable for the unpopular Iraq War".

The paper has many good qualities but being a shill for Israel is not one of them. The editorial and snub of Bush is a classic example of a Zionist organization who has used, abused and now has discarded a tool because it can no longer push forward the Zionist agenda. The disingenuous motives of the paper are apparent when events prior to the War played out in the pages of the N.Y.T.

Remember Judith Miller? She was willingly used by Israeli- advocate " Scooter" Libby in planting stories about Iraq's WMD and many other lies about the Iraq threat. What about columnists Thomas Friedman and David Brooks constant push for " spreading democracy" in the Middle East? That was only code for neutralizing threats to Israel's security in the region. And then there were all those op-ed pieces that were pro-Israel, pro-invasion and anti-Palestinian justice. Cumilatively the articles demonstrated a care more about Israeli security rather than U.S. security.

Of course that's alwys been the rap against Zionists. Their allegiance to Israel is more important than to the country they occupy. Bush looks to be historys greates Zionist fool. And American voters are even more foolish for allowing the Israeli lobby in America to thrive.

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