Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bush & Israeli Palestinian Policies Hit New Low

Bush and his Israeli handlers are not satisfied with the pace of the disintegration in Gaza . The constructive genocide by the Israelis and the world-wide economic embargo as enforced by U.S. leadership is not working as quickly as they had planned. So Bush et al have resorted to fomenting a civil war by picking and arming Fatah over the legally elected Hamas political party. Yes, Bush is now arming street fighters as a way to further American foreign policy as per the Zionists approved view.

So what happens when the American-backed Fatah starts to edge out lesser- equipped Hamas partisans? Look for suicide bombers to crop up. How will non-combatant Palestinians know how to stay out of the crossfire? No one wears uniforms.

Bush is leading America to another new low of what's left of U.S. standing in the world. And for what purpose? Israel? It's not worth it.

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