Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google, YouTube, eBay & America's Democratic Government

What does a democracy need to sustain itself ? Participation and assets. Without participation a democracy will wither. But there is only participation when there is an incentive. Namely a voter can hope to improve his or her's life by voting for a share of the national assets..

But what will happen when people can improve their lives without voting ? In other words, suppose they can get what they want through more efficient, less costly and more predicticably without the help of government ? Well we all may be on the threshold of finding out.

Google, eBay, YouTube, Blogger and all the other low-cost producers of information and access to the necessities can largely preclude the high-cost of America's government and it's untrustworthy politicians . Want to school yourself on foreign affairs, environmental issues, financial alternatives, get an education etc ? Search Google or any of the search engines. In foreign affairs, get real time videos and news reports and commentary from people on the ground around the world. In personal finance, make a better deal for yourself with Craigs List or eBay. Maybe even barter your needs and assets and completely shut out governments role and take. How about an education that is tailored to your interests and intelligence without the politicians and attorneys interference?

Let's all try to cut out the high-cost and increasingly dangerous government programs.

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