Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Terrorist Versus Terrorist

Funny thing happened to America's narrative about the Middle East. Today Tehran's parliament was attacked by ISIS operatives. A suicide bomber and other operatives killed twelve so far and many others wounded.This some few days after Salesman Trump inks a hundred billion arms dealers to the largest single owners of a fleet of Bentleys on the planet. Cant have bomb created pot holes to spoil the ride to the airport for a flight to London where the white women are with bottles of the bubbly.What's the tie in? The arms where largely to protect Saudi Arabia from the Iranians. According to the United States and its poodle Israel or is it the other way around If we could just get rid of the ayatollahs in Iran peace would come to the Middle East.But who is sponsoring ISIS? Certainly Iran didn't orchestrate todays carnage in Tehran as a red herring to debunk the American narrative.So now what coach? General Mad Dog Mattis as Secretary of Defense maybe is thinking of surgical Tomahawk surgical attack on Iranian Parliament building to kill any left over terrorist? God. He maybe is thinking we got to get into this. Or we will miss out like we did in Syria.Also it obviates a reason for supporting Israel against Iran. Which kicks out another Israeli reason/lie for slow motion genocide of Palestinians.Gee. Is there any player in this cluster fuck of belligerent group of spoiled brats you can sympathize? So maybe the weapons we sell or lose that end up in the hands of the Saudis, Israel, ISIS, Afghanis, Syrians ad nauseam are in the proper place.If we really don't like any of the players then let them get rid of each other.

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