Sunday, November 20, 2016

ACRONYM: It's Cheaper

Acronyms are in a way cheaper. Less words less time to speak the words. It fits a business language. Which wants to keep costs down. To that end Our POTUS is in Lima, Peru discussing trade with POCHINA, PONEWZEALAND,POMEXICO and other PO'S not worthy of sound at this time. The acronyms of these trade agreements in alphabetical order are APEC, FTAAP, NAFTA, RCEP and TPP.Google the acronyms for full name.But the full name is more dull than the acronym.The above quips conjure globalization. Mega corporations using mega governments who have mega weapons and troops for the mega heavy lifting to enforce basic business imperatives one way or another. In or outside trade agreements. National politics are red herrings. It's a game that mega business and mega governments give to their minor individuals to keep them occupied and to instill a sense of self worth.But in the end all politics are local.As the numbers of debt add up to the glaring reality in this race to the bottom for cheaper labor not many will get paid who own debt. So if you are just getting by don't feel too bad you will soon see free traders selling left over stock at really cheap prices.

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