Friday, May 13, 2016

Angela Alioto Represents San Francisco Values

Civil Rights Attorney Angela Alioto is running again. No.It's not from her past. She should.But as a attorney/politician/czar of the homeless people in San Francisco/champion of freaks in the LGBT community/poster shrew for cause celebre San Francisco minorities who she represents on contingency to shake down legal citizens who were just trying to run a business.Ang is running for County Central Committee of the democratic party.She says, " I represent san Francisco values". Oh.What are those values today?Any new illegals crossed into S.F City and County border that we have to change settled law so they can be shoe horned in? Or was a new LGBT stem cell petri dish life form developed and was patented by Castro Street Partners LLC for their plan to become a majority?Or does she want to push voting rights be attached to birth certificates with the provision that parents can vote for the infant until he/she/it becomes 18.That birth right voter registration would naturally select for cause celebre minorities which vote for people like Ang. There is a connection between San Francisco values and being born.If you were born yesterday San Francisco values are very comfortable.

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