Saturday, May 14, 2016

LGBTQ Parade: Who or What's Left In Closet?

Hurry, hurry hurry. Come see what or who next will come out of the closet. Remember the campus stunts of how many students could fit into a small car?I think the record is twenty.Now the LGBTQ community is stunting new combinations of its homosexual base. The calculus in theory could combine infinite parsing of the human sexual orientation. And they have not tapped stem cell concoctions yet.They have reached this alphabet by mere legal machinations, judicial activism and political pandering. Who is left in the closet? The latest entry into the sexual super combo is the transgender who only has to state an identity of choice. In theory it may only be for a day. But to hear the progressives tell the tale that notional signal by the tranny demands deference.So Harvard can field a track and field team that may include trannys competing in both women and men events at the same time. Of course the scheduling will have to change so that a conflicted transgender won't be required to run in both the men and women event the same day. That would conflict with equal protection for conflicted entries.We have 7 billion people on the planet. Trying to make room for innocents is tough enough.Trouble makers can easily be excluded.

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