Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump & Guns

So yesterday The Donald mentions the fact of one or more openings on the supreme court that will be filled by either him or Clinton. He also goes on to mention in passing that if Hillary gets the chore gun rights may be curtailed.He further comments that if those gun rights are scaled back gun owners might be upset. That's it. From those observations/predictions the weenies in the media and the progressives/democrats deduce an assassination may be in the crystal ball for Hillary.That's a stretch. Limiting gun rights would be an aggressive act that would be met with opposition. Who would doubt that? But an assassination of the president?Lets face it when adults can't talk about serious topics in public we will need gun rights more than ever.Our nations is largely weenies on both sides worrying about victims both artificially produced or born naturally.We weren't born to worry about victims. We are here to survive in a responsible way and live humanely with others.Any other plan is a scheme for crooks and losers to get something for nothing.

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