Sunday, December 11, 2016

LGBTQ : Mainstream Pronunciation

The hurdles that the LGBTQ folks face really start with the awkward acronym that stands for their brand."All for one and one for all "to borrow Dumas' Three Musketeers oath is simple. Try a rousing oath using LGBTQ.It doesn't work.It will never be adopted into mainstream conversation.Could LGBTQ be sung?That would help very little. Could LGBTQ be condensed into a phonetic utterance? I.E. Leg-but-q. The phonetic treatment adds some WD-40 to the tongue contortion. Hey. That may work on two levels! Any upside to the acronym LGBTQ ? Yeah. Kind of works best as a class action group in a legal suit.But legalistic people get tiresome. I predict the LGBTQ acronym will fade because of awkwardness. The awkwardness should obviate the need for a larger acronym.

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