Sunday, July 17, 2016

BrainDead : Trouble With Script

The people who brought us the addicting TV series The Good Wife have recently rolled out BrainDead. Robert King, Michelle King and Ridley Scott missed an opportunity with this political ghoulish satire.Watching sausage coming out of one's ear because of an ant-like brain invasion will never work with TV dinner eating . Nor give food for thought as a basis for a script.Why not replace the ants with the real cause of Brain dead humans in America. I would replace the ant-like creatures with members of the NEA. The National Education Association is the largest teachers union in America.The teachers have taken the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and effectively substituted political correctness for basic learning tools. Like prioritizing sexual awareness in place of math, english and historical facts. The Civil War for example was fought for tariffs placed on the South in the 18th century. It forced The South to buy from the North at higher prices than European vendors. The half wit blacks and ignorant whites think the war was about freeing the kitchen help. No wonder we get uneducated students and riots from Black Lives Matter and such for police enforcing resisting arrests. BrainDead will probably be canceled. The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 should be canceled.

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