Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Facebook Spaces: One Generation Phenomenon

Mark Zuckerberg presents Facebook Spaces. Enabled by virtual reality headset/software Oculus which is owned by Facebook.Tired of your day to day life? Oculus will transport you any where. Join friends at any destination. Only your imagination will limit possible spots on the globe to visit. Although this could be a one generation phenomenon. Because if Facebook Spaces is as successful as Zuck is saying then this generation maybe the only one to have experienced real world locales. Obviously subsequent Facebook Spaces devotees will have limited and more limited real life experience to refer to in memory. So where will they go? What will they think? Who will they vote for?Maybe that's where Zuckerberg wants his followers. The smallest of pied pipers will then become the ultimate quasi drug dealer. Selling addictive fantasies on Oculus devices.And maybe running for office. I can see it now. Zuckerberg's face on Mount Rushmore. Brought to you by Facebook Spaces and Oculus.

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