Friday, March 19, 2010

Blue Fin Tuna In Peril

Blue Fin Tuna stock has collapsed. Eighty percent of the "tiger of the sea" have been slaughtered and ended up mostly in some Japanese stomach. What a way to go. Its fate is largely representative of fish and mammals that humans eat. Efforts to cut back on the killings have largely come to nothing. The most recent example was yesterday when a proposal to limit fishing of the Tuna was voted down by concerned countries. What will happen if the fish go extinct which some are predicting could happen in app. 10-20 years? To quote Scarlett O'Hara, "Tommorrow is another day." So in the mean time its a race to take the Blue Fin to the brink while making the most per ounce while the countdown to extinction goes on.

Also China is licking its collective, smelly chops for more Shark Fin soup and the devestation that brings to shark stocks. Estimates range up to 70 million sharks a year are killed to feed the Asian appetites. All those newly minted middle class Chinaman are bewildering.

I'm struck by the possible postive side effects of a massive human flu and epidemic.

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