Friday, November 03, 2017


On October 18, 2017 many titled but let's just say he's the boss of China Xi Jinping gave a three hour and twenty-five minute speech to 2300 delegates of the Communist Party.He recited his accomplishments and talked about the future. A new era when China will come into full bloom -my metaphor-and make a more dramatic presence than heretofore. And who will stop them? Me asking.He spoke with supreme confidence and theatrical body english-so to speak.Stop right there. Any one who chatters for three hours and twenty-five minutes sounds like a person who is trying to convince the listeners that he's in control. Also he may be trying to convince himself that he's in control. Long story short. Mainland China is too small for its 1.4 billion citizens and China needs to spread out. Call it colonization or call it just buying and renting any property on the planet that are available.The Asian Flus once upon a time kept in check population growth along with ham fisted intramural revolutions or the occasional invasion by the the likes of the Japanese. But not for a long time has there been an invasion. Who would want to take on 1.4 billion hungry Chines? The victors if some how they won would face the same problem Xi Jinping has right now. How do you feed and house the hoard? Africa, Australia and South China Sea are in the sights of urgent Chinese shoppers.The world has a problem.The U.S. should make friends with Russia.Who knows. We and Russia may need to flank China for our own and the worlds survival.

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