Thursday, September 12, 2013

Post Israel Or Post Pro- Israel Influenced World Shaping Up. Things Will Be Better

Dan Henninger , the roving gunslinger of the Wall Street Journals Op Ed section had his forty-fives blazing today. His " The Laurel and Hardy Presidency" op-ed piece about Obama's tossing over its world leadership role to the Russians was almost as hysterical as per a sorority girl finding out her boyfriend is banging her room mate.Danny boy didn't like Russia riding in on a white horse to deliver a solution about U.S. concerns about chemical weapons that Syria possess.Obama jumped at the chance. It got him out of his "red line" pot shot and certain defeat by congress on "surgical strikes"-yeah right- by sonic 4000 pound Tomahawk missiles. Hearing Danny boy tell it was the familiar refrain about American losing credibility on Iran. Huh? Its about Syria Mr. Zionist. And get used to it. One day Israel will be gone or the U.S. will elect a president that doesn't fete Israel as a 51st state. Maybe that president will expel Zionists? That would be a happy day.I'm no Obama fan but out of the mouths of children sometime come correct answers.

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