Friday, June 10, 2011

Pimps, Whores & Congress : Oldest Professions

The worlds oldest profession is popularly known as prostitution. But what is the second oldest profession? I suggest politics. The politician combines the availability and dutifulness of a whore with the commercial savvy of a pimp. Morally speaking the whore offers only what he or she owns and controls. Whereas the politician offers and delivers others labors or assets to a third party for a fee. Clearly the whore is sweating to deliver while the pol just collects with no sweat. Interestingly our society deems prostitution a crime and they can be fined or incarcerated. While politics is legal and campaign contributions amount to billions annually on top of the perqs and generous salaries. But wait there's more. Politicians can make laws that make heretofore illegal or immoral acts into mainstream customs and legal paradigms. Some day they will pay for their crimes.

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