Thursday, November 21, 2013

Walmart Versus Ashton Kutcher :Money And Morons And Reality

Todays Twitter tempest pits $474 billion gross sales giant Walmart against Two And A Half  Men star Ashton Kutcher who only earns app. $20,000,000 per year. Ashton is calling out Walmart for caring about profits over employees wages. Fact is Walmart makes app. 3.62% on those almost half-trillion gross sales. It leaves them with app. $17 billion in net profit.Where did all the other part of the gross sales go? They went for operating expenses which includes tens of billions paid in salaries and goods that people actually can  afford . Does anyone think that Ashton gives away app 94% of his earnings to salaries or goods and services that people need to survive? I guess if one watches Two and a Half Men then the concept of questioning thought does not apply. BTW. Ashton is guessed to be worth about $140 million. Looks like the son of divine law has his first schkel and has not the moral standing to crticize Walmart about relative value to society.

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