Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran vs. U.S.: Who Will Prevail ?

" Allahu Akbar " means " God is Great "in Arabic. The reformist oppostion shouts that phrase from the rooftops in Tehran, Iran.  But the  ruling, elite clergy also invoke Allah. So both do agree on one major point.

In America the opposing democrats and republicans do agree on the implied major point of U.S. government. It is the implied jingo of  "In Growth We Trust".

One civilization is rooted in heaven and the other is rooted on earth. One civilization will fight and die for god while the other will fight and maybe die if paid enough. We need better goals to defeat the low- cost oppostion Iranians. A better goal and an immediate victory in foreign affairs would be for America to stay out of Iranian affairs.

The U.S. will have peace when there is money to be made in peace. There will be some peace when we can't afford some wars. It's our choice.

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