Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cut Pentagon Funding By Half: Cut The Murder Rate In Urban Bombing

News form Syria reports ten civilians killed by U,S, airstrikes. Tell me who is surprised? Bombing in an urban setting is murder.We knew there would be innocents killed yet we did it anyway.Why? When you get funded approximately $700 billion per year bad things will happen. Who gets $700 billion a year? The Pentagon does. Mean monkeys in uniform who can't lose their jobs or get indicted have the time, money and killing equipment to carry out murder on a huge scale. Our men and women in uniform are not heroes. They are not our protectors. Instead they create blow back from the families of people who are killed.Nine -Eleven 9/11 is an example of that revenge.Our soldiers are just following orders? That's not an excuse. They are the operatives that carry out the policies of our executive and legislative branches of government.Also the corporations who's business is death-making are also culpable. They can all go to hell. Cut Pentagon funding by half as a start.It's a humane way of dealing with murders.

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