Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quentin Tarantino: Clinton & Lewinsky Docudrama ?

The Hollywood rumor mill has Director Quentin Tarantino considering a dark comedy docudrama of former President Bill Clinton affair with Monica Lewinsky. The script will be the transcript from Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr voluminous investigation. Since the script is in the public domain there are no costs related to the basic story. The title of the film is " Tunnel of Love". According to sources, the only obstacle is in the casting. Tarantino is considering Rosie O' Donnell as Monica.  Don Trump wants to play Bill. Hillary will be either Whoopi Goldberg or a rescue hippo from The Barnum and Bailey's Circus. Al Gore will be represented by a tilted pin ball machine. Chief of Staff Leon Panetta will be dressed in retro Keystone Cop garb.

Will advise of further developments.

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