Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Kill a Mockingbird: Please

Last week the digitally remastered 1962 film  " To Kill a Mockingbird" was shown at the White House. Our rolling thunder deacon/president Barack Obama hosted the event. Eighty -four year old , Pulitzer winner author Harper Lee was in attendance. Instead of snacks, guilt was served on trays.Only the few whites in attendance were told to eat. Obama and his wife and Lee and favorite others munched on smugness. The film is a boring fiction. It's the usual sop of every black and by extension every minority being wrongfully accused. It's a replay of the trial Jesus. This is not entertainment. It's propaganda. Granted there have been wronful accusations and wrongful sentencing, but bad things happen and they happen to everyone. How many blacks didn't see combat in war because of discrimination? They lived while whites died. In short. Get over it.

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