Friday, March 30, 2012

Jewish School Vouchers to Save Jerwish Culture: Why?

Today Peter Beinhart had the allocated space reserved for Zionists issues in The Wall Street Journal. He was bemaoning the continued fall out of Jewish diasopra dating from antiquity when first the Babylonians then the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. Mr. Beinhart was arguing the case for government assistance in America for Jewish school vouchers. It was a plea akin to an endangered species crisis . He rambled on about the alarming intermarriage trends of Jews with other races.He concluded that Judiasm was in jeopardy. And only a massive government assisted reintroduction of Jewish culture and values to young ones would be enough to save the future of Judiasm from the pitfalls of melting pot America.

     Mr Beinhart doesn't believe in free choice. People are turning their back on Judiasm because it hasn't anything in particular to offer that can't be done better and with better food in other cultures. Heraclitus said that fate is in character. It's still true.

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