Monday, March 05, 2012

The Age of Assassins : History Will Repeat

Julius Caesar was the first de facto emperor of Rome. That was in 49 B.C. He was followed by 94 more emperors.. The last one was Justin II in 578 A.D. Only 32 of the 95 died from natural causes. The rest were assassinated in various forms. The reasons for their deaths were the same as why one would kill a tyrant today. They don't know their limitations and wont take no for an answer.The main assassins were the Praetorian Guard in cahoots with the Roman Senate.There very few individual heroes like Brutus.

     Our 21st century is filled with regional war lords who would become eager emperors if they had their way. A quick tally of the 21st century list of deposed tyrants or hated tyrants or wannabee tyrants is unprecedented . From the United States to North Korea and every nation in between  But where will the assassins come from?

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