Friday, December 19, 2014

Film Critic Kim Jong Un: North Korea Versus Hollywood Scum

Hack Sony film . Pre release 'The Interview" with its disparaging and threatening plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un . Publish personal emails of Sony executives in case they didn't think this was personal. Now that's film criticism. Who will will grieve for Hollywood scum? They have marching into taboo and sewer subjects since the Civil Rights Acts of 1964. You remember that POS legislation. It was the seminal event when freshly birthed and empowered minority interests where given veto power over any one having a personal opinion that wasn't politically correct.Who would have guessed that the littleist dictator would focus his slanty eyes at Beverly Hills perverts and say in North Korean 'Fuck You'. But more than just talk he did something about it. hey it's called free speach. Something we don't enjoy as much since the PC police started patrolling and collecting bounties via law suits. Let's hear it for Kim.Who would have guessed that a foreign dictator was what was needed to over come local dicktastors?

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