Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New York Needs Tomb For Unknown Homeless

Why are those subway tunnels flooded? Could it be dead homeless people are clogging the drains? What a loss. We never knew them.But maybe in death they can live in our hearts and minds.New York City needs a memorial to these fallen victims. The highest per capita income city in in the world couldn't save these feral humans. No life jackets. No inflatable rafts.No cork soled shoes. Not so much as a " How are we going to help the homeless?" The washed up bodies cleaner than ever before are stark reminders how they finally cleaned up their act while others in Gotham scurried without a thought for the other guy. Where was Bloomjew? No doubt he was hermetically sealed at a safe house figuring how he could get another term out of this disaster. How soon he forgets.Once the homeless were a campaign plank. He championed their lot in life. Now they are gone. And Mike didn't know their names. In death the homeless have become honored. In life they were just so much mobile garbage.

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