Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Africa Before. China After.

Man marches on. Before there were places like Africa all over the planet. Now settlements like China increasingly take their place.

Last week on September 6, The Yangtze River turned a bright red near an industrial city. It's not the first time. This has happened before. Officials suspect illegal dumping of chemicals.The river is the longest in Asia. It's the third longest in the world. The Yangtze basin supports half of China's crop production. River dolphins have gone extinct. Fish kills have multiplied.

There are about a billion three Chinese. There are only twelve hundred Pandas in the wild. Endangered animals, toxins and heavy metals have been found in Chinese medicines.

Now China mines in Africa. Now China logs in Africa.

Hopefully the Yangtze will take revenge and deliver an unstoppable lethal pandemic to this filthy country.

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